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Ros Davies has done a lot of Co. Down reserach and although I have perused her site many times, I failed to notice a possibly important clue  I have been searching for the origins of Hugh O'Hare and Hannah Burns in order to possibly find relatives still living in the area. 

The first putlished record I found was the 1851 Census of Canada. Hannah is listed, age 47, widowed, and four of her children: James B., Francis, Hugh, and Mary. I've been able to follow those clues out over the years and all the facts show that this is my Hannah-Hugh family. However I have never been able to find their origins in Ireland. 

Recently someone pointed out this clue on the Ros Davies site:

.Hugh O'HARE        .Aghaderg     husband of Hanna ; father of Mary bpt.  Nov 1816 at an Aghaderg Catholic Church          PR (Proni)

Hugh, husband of Hannah, had a brother named James Henry O'Hare. He was born 8n 1791 or so in Co. Down. I have talked to a descendant of James Henry O'Hare but she did not know more than that they were from Co. Down. I subsequently did find James Henry O'Hare on the 1851 Census of Canada. That makes me think that the O'Hare brothers traveled together from Ireland to Canada. 

If anyone has any clues for me to research, I would deeply appreciate the. I tried to post a week ago or so, but did something wrong. I WAS successful at making a donation this Co. Down site. Thanks in advance for any help.    Sincerely ,Sarah M. (Sally) O'Hare Amy







Sarah O'Hare Amy

Wednesday 24th Mar 2021, 07:28PM

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  • Sarah,

    Aghaderg RC’s parish records only start in 1816 so Mary has scraped in.  If it’s the right family and her siblings were all older than her then there won’t be a record of their baptisms. (Nor of the parents marriage). It also looks as though Hannah’s age in the 1851 census may be out by a few years. Not unusual though.

    Here’s a link to the baptism entry (30th November 1816):

    Sponsors were Hugh Grant & Matthew Graham. No townland (address).

    I have attached the tithe applotment records for Aghaderg parish in 1828. The tithes were a tax on land so these records list farmers. They don’t list labourers, servants etc and others without land (including obviously folk living in towns or villages).  Hugh isn’t listed so we can probably assume he was a labourer rather than a farmer. However there are O’Hares farming there and there are Grahams. (sponsor at the baptism). I notice both names in Ballintaggart. Might be a coincidence or it might be a hint as to where your family lived.

    Griffiths Valuation for 1863 lists a William O’Hare in a labourers cottage in Ballintaggart. His was the only O’Hare household in the townland then.

    Your family had evidently left Ireland by 1850. There are very few records in Ireland prior to that they might be in. A labourer and his family could mostly live out their lives below officialdom’s radar. There were censuses 1821 – 1841 but as you will know, save for some fragments, they were destroyed. I can’t really point to any likely records that will tell you much more about this Aghaderg family.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 25th Mar 2021, 08:59PM

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