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I hope somebody can help - I am trying to find out the names of my mother's parents.

Like many other Irish citizens who now need their passports, I have to obtain a copy of my mother's birth certificate.  Unfortunately, she died in 1987 and I no documents are held by the family.

She was born in Dundalk on 8th March 1918 and was named Margaret Marie Therese Isobel Johnston.

She became a Nurse and worked in Gibraltar, where she met my father Peter Walker, whom she married in 1948.

I know her brother (my uncle Frank Johnston) was a District Justice for many years.

I wonder if somebody can assist in helping me get the information I need.

Thank you

Peter Walker

Friday 16th Jul 2021, 11:55AM

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  • local volunteer alerted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 16th Jul 2021, 02:25PM
  • According to, Francis Ignatius Johnston was born 27 Nov. 1913 to Edward and Hannah Johnston. The birth was registered in Dundalk. Hannah’s maiden name was Johnston, same as her married name. You can see the birth record at

    A transcription at rootsireland shows that Hannah Johnston and Edward J. Johnston married 7 July 1897 in the parish of Dundalk, Co. Louth. Hannah’s father was Arthur, Edward’s was James. You can see the marriage record at

    I did not see a birth or baptismal record for Margaret. Perhaps she was registered under a different first name? She may also be registered in a different year. People were often inexact in giving their ages.

    I hope this helps.


    Friday 16th Jul 2021, 03:15PM
  • Peter, I looked at the 1911 Irish census and saw that Hannah and Edward had a daughter called Agnes. I was then able to find her birth record, as follows. It is possible that Agnes is you mother, even though the date does not match the one you have.

    Date of Birth24 October 1908
    Group Registration ID851024
    SR District/Reg AreaDundalk
    Mother's Birth SurnameJOHNSTON

    See image at…


    Friday 16th Jul 2021, 03:28PM
  • Attached Files
    Johnston 1918.PNG (53.22 KB)

    Hello Peter and Patricia, Roger mailed me with some information supplied to him by Shane so I can take no credit and I attach the extract from the  register for follow up purposes and the detail he suppled Roger also.

    There's no sign of Margaret Marie Therese Isobel Johnston's birth on the date given on IrishGen, but there is a very likely match in the area and quarter specified on the FamilySearch index, Dundalk district and page number as  288, Apr June qtr 1918

    Selecting a birth in the same district close to that date, I checked on IrishGen and selected Margaret Corrigan born 10th June 1918 her birth is recorded on page 283, skipping forward to page 683 in the browse tool (FireFox required)
    skip forward to 688 to show the correct page, and entry 284 (last on page) - Margaret Marie Therese Isabell Johnston, born 8th March 1918, (date specified in the post) , 12 Castle Road Dundalk, father Francis Patrick Johnston, mother Kathleen O'Grady, father's occupation Solicitor.

     or direct link to IrishGen.


    The parents married 1915 - St. Andrew's RC Dublin city

    1901 census - Johnston family Bridge St. Dundalk 1901 - Francis ia a Solicitor's Apprentice

    1911 census - Johnston family Bellurgan townland, Ballymascanlon, Francis is qualified solicitor (father deceased)

    Thom's 1921 - Register of registered to practice pursuant to Solicitors (Ireland) Act 1890 61 & 62 Vic, C17

    Johnston, Francis P. 20 Wellington Quay, Dublin (city), & Dundalk  |*  T 1903
      (admitted to practice Trinity Term 1903, * member of the Law Society of Ireland, | = member of the Solicitors Benevolent Society)


    All I can add if you are iterested is the site here giving a lot of information about Louth but the extract is attached.


    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Friday 16th Jul 2021, 08:50PM
  • Peter sorry forgot to give the site, there was a lot of action too in the Dundalk area during the War of Independence if you want to search the Bureau of Military History, see also he lived in Ballymacscanlan (very small spot) but interestingly I have been in contact with a US lady whose ancestor was the postmaster there. If you see a grave mentioned I can access the inscription for most, there is one in St Nicholas Church Dundalk (C of I) but erected by 2 surviving  mentions daughters


    The website is here



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Friday 16th Jul 2021, 09:02PM
  • Great work, Pat.  

    Were you able to find her brother Francis as well?


    Friday 16th Jul 2021, 11:32PM
  • Thanks Patricia, the politician in me wants to bask in the reflected glory but Roger sent me the info from Shane so it was a copy and paste job only. On the other side I did not find the birth of Frank as I did not look but actually got in touch with a cousin of mine whom I thought may have known him and he did indeed, he knew him as a judge.



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Sunday 18th Jul 2021, 03:41PM
  • Hi Folks,

    I had posted my thanks yesterday, but I can't see them on here, so at the risk of duplication - I am truly grateful to you all for doing this.  Prompt, effective and a real eye-opener.

    Peter Walker

    Peter Walker

    Monday 19th Jul 2021, 08:11AM

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