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Good Morning,                                                                                                                                                                                Its my first post here, so hello to everyone. 

Ive really hit a major brick wall, in Ireland, and cant seem to find any records for anyone in my family, which is really frustrating.  Im just going round in circles, so Im hoping someone can help with a hint to get me back on track please.

Im looking for a few Irish ancestors, but my first one is James Lindsey, according to the census records, he was born approx 1796 in kildare, although I know the dates can be way off.  I think he married a Margaret Hewkin, maiden name Schofield,  who was married before, I think to Thos Hewkin, (married in Carlow) and they had a daughter Ellinor born approx 1815, who married Francis Kerwin. (I have all the details of their children)  James and Margarets children were William 1826, Robert 1833 and possibly Anne.  I have found baptism records for these children in Dublin, Ireland. They moved to UK before 1835, and lived in Manchester.  On the 1841 census in UK, it says Robert and William were born in Ireland, but on later census records, it says Manchester. I cant find Anne on any records,  even though her baptism shows the same parents.

I have found either a Thomas and Mary/Marg  or also Jams Linsey and Mary Slevin, that could be James`s parents, and Id love to get further with this.

Hope someone can help me. Im sorry I dont have any more details.

Kind regards


Sunday 11th Jul 2021, 09:55AM

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  • Sue:

    I looked at the subscription site Roots Ireland and located three baptismal records for children of James Lindsey and Margaret Schofield. All were in Athy RC parish in Co. Kildare. The years were different than what data you had.

    William September 17 1824 Athy lived on Barrack St.

    Anne December 29 1826 Athy

    Robert June 21 1832 Athy

    I was not able to locate a marriage record. There is a gap in Athy reocrd from early 1816 to early 1822. Posssibly they were married in the gap period or the marriage occurred in another parish that does not have records back to the 1820s.

    For James Lindsey, I saw a May 26 1799 record in the Wicklow town RC parish with father Thomas and mother Mary (you mention this record in your message).

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 11th Jul 2021, 12:10PM
  • Hi Roger, 

    Thank you so much for your lovely answer, and for helping me with my query.  I didnt have my family tree with me the other day, so my guesses were a little bit out, but I do have the same baptisms as you in Athy, Kildare.

    Do you think they made a mistake where they have put born in Manchester on some the census records?  Should i ignore that?

    Also, would Ellenor Hewkins baptism record be missing as well, think she was born in approx 1815 in Kildare too.  I cant find a birth for her, or her mother Margaret Hewkins/Schofield.

    Irish ancestry is so difficult.  Thank you so much for your help.

    kind regards 


    Monday 12th Jul 2021, 10:56AM
  • Sue:

    I think the info showing Manchester was in error.

    Roots Ireland doed not have any Hewkin baptismal records anywhere in Ireland. Possibly the parish no longer has records back to whenever Ellenor was baptized. Only two Margaret Schofield baptismal records- one in 1761 the other in 1839.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 12th Jul 2021, 07:00PM
  • HI Roger, 

    Thanks so much for your reply. So sorry, but not been able to access internet for past few days, so sorry for late reply. 

    I wasnt sure where they were born, either Manchester or Ireland, but when I could only find records in Ireland, I went with that one.

    Yes, these Irish are so difficult to find, but thank you for your help.

    kind regards


    Saturday 24th Jul 2021, 12:54PM

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