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I am searching for my grandmother's relatives. her name was Margaret Meehan and her parents were Patrick Meehan and Margaret Gilleran Meehan. They lived in Cloonfree. I am trying to find out who Jacob (Jacobus) and Henry (Henricus) Meehan were. I have found some evidence that Henry was the oldest brother of my grandmother, but not sure. Any help appreciated~

Ann Marie Fallon

Sunday 27th Mar 2022, 05:51PM

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  • Ann Marie:

    Parents married January 24 1870 in Strokestown

    See third record for civil marriage record and names of the fathers of the bride and groom. Patrick's father was Henry.…

    Margaret had a number of older siblings: James 1870 Thomas 1872 Catherine 1874 Brigid 1875 Patrick 1877 Mary Anne 1881 Martin 1885

    There was a September 13 1869 baptismal record for a Henry Meehan in Strokestown. Parents were Thomas Meehan and Margaret Dowde. They lived in Cloonfree. Likely Henry was an older cousin to Margaret.

    See fifth record Margaret the mother died in 1897…

    1901 census…

    1911 census…

    See ninth record Patrick Meehan died in 1913…

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 27th Mar 2022, 09:32PM
  • Thank you so much! Can you post the baptism record of Henry Meehan? Did you find anything about Jacob Meehan? I agree that Henry was an older cousin of my grandmother. Thank you for my great grandparents death records. I knew that my great grandmother had died when my Nana was young. My nana left Ireland in 1912, a year before her dad died. I had assumed that she left after he died. My great uncle Martin left in 1914, with a Henry Meehan, after Pat Meehan died. The land was sold by Henry Meehan to a Gilleran cousin whose children still own it. That cousin gave me the bill of sale for the land, dated 1940. I will be visiting Ireland in June. How can I find out where the Meehans and Gillerans are buried? 

    Ann Marie Fallon

    Monday 28th Mar 2022, 11:42AM
  • Ann Marie:

    Here is the parish registry entry for Henry Meehan   It is record #98. The register is faint and Henry is shown in Latin-- Henricus

    Likely Jacob is the oldest brother James. Jacobus is Latin for James.

    According to FindaGrave there are 17 cemeteries near Strokestown so not sure where they might be buried. Would the cousin who gave you the bill of sale know the possible cemetery?


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 29th Mar 2022, 02:08PM

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