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Raelly hoping someone can help, and possibly even know the family if they're still in Bourney. I'm stuck finding anything out about Johanna Maher's family and ancestry, simply because the only thing I was told was that the Maher's were from Bourney! This is great, but looking at the 1901 and 1911 cenus' just about about every local Maher is from this area! I do hve Ancestry DNA matches of Mahers from this area too, so there's some thruth to it.

What I know:

Johanna Maher (also known as Hannah/Anne) married John Bergin in Roscea in 1913. I've traced the parents of John Bergin who hailed from Shinrone, Offaly, so all good there. Johanna/Hannah gave her father's name as John Maher (deceased). Their address, at the time of their marriage, was Limerick Street, Roscrea, but Johanna was a servant so this could be where she was living close to her work. The witnesses were named Hurst, and I can't see how they connect so could be friends. 

Johanna had one child: William Cronan Bergin born 1918, Parkmore Roscrea, who was my grandfather. 

The only Johanna Maher that fits is, the daughter of John and Bridget Maher of Shanakil, Bourney. The family are there in 1901, and Johanna is ahown in her parents house with mutliple siblings: Michael (28), John (24), Daniel (22), Maggie (18), Martin (16), Peter (14), Johanna herself 12, and Patrick (9). 

The family are still living in Shanakil in 1911. By this time John Maher was deceased and his widow Bridget (64) was head of the household with children: Michael (40), Daniel (32), Johanna (22) and Patrick (19). 

Does anyone know if this family is still in the area? I dearly love to know more about Johanna because my grandad loved her but rarely spoke of his family. Actually any info on the family and their relation to the wider Maher realtives wouldbe fantastic. 

One more thing, i've seen that Johanna's mother Bridget was a Maher too, and Ithat some place Bridget as part of the "orchard" Maher's. I don't know what that means or even it if is true! Bridget seems to be the daughter of John Maher and possibly a Mary Treacy, but there's more thn one Bridget so who know. 


Grateful for your help, 






Thursday 5th Aug 2021, 02:08PM

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  • Local volunteers contacted about message.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 5th Aug 2021, 03:44PM
  • Hi Simon, 

                     I am a member of Bourney Historic group and we seen your message on Facebook, please email us :   

                                                         many thanks


    Ann Feehan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 8th Aug 2021, 09:39AM

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