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We will be visiting Ireland in August. We are looking for information on John and Brigette Wyms. They had three children Patrick, Martin, and Bridgette. They are from County Sligo. If you could help with any information on them. Thank you. Victoria Wims



Monday 28th Jun 2021, 12:43AM

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  • The three children were baptized in the Catholic parish of Ahamlish in Sligo, according to transcriptions on RootsIreland.


    Monday 28th Jun 2021, 05:37PM
  • Victoria:

    I notified our HQ regarding your August trip.

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and believe I located the baptismal records.

    Patrick baptized July 17 1797 (born July 13th) at Ahamlish RC parish. Father John Wyms and mother Bridget Heraghty witnesses Eugene McGarigill and Bridget Heraghty

    Martin baptized November 24 1799 (born November 11th) same parents witnesses Patrick Wyms and Anna Heraghty

    Bridget baptized March 24 1802 (born March 18th) same parents witnesses Patrick McLoughlin and Margaret McLoughlin

    No townland listed.

    I checked the Tithe listings for Ahamlish civil parish and there were ten Wims records including two John records. One in Bunduff townland and the other in Moneygold townland.…

    When did John and Bridget leave Ireland?

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 28th Jun 2021, 05:52PM
  • Thank you so much for checking into this for us.  I am very grateful for your help.  John and Bridgett did not leave Ireland.  We believe Bridgett died during childbirth of the youngest.  I think there is a grave in Ahamlish cemetary.  But we cannot find anything on John and where he is buried.  We know that Martin left Ireland - we think 1850ish with his children, but we cannot find records of the birth of his children.  He was married to Mary Lynch. One of the children's names was Owen.  The story is that Martin, Mary and the children came to America and the children were later put on an Orphan train. Owen ended up in Iowa, but we cannot find the names of his siblings. 

    We also cannot find John Wyms parents.  We think the family came from Scotland, but we do not now when. We are wondering if any of our relatives - decendents of Patrick or Bridgett.  I believe Bridgett married a Patrick Conley?  I found three children - all girls - but I can't find what happened to them. 






    Tuesday 29th Jun 2021, 12:39AM
  • Hello, Before you go to Ireland in August, why not contact the Sligo heritage or historical society to see if they have any information for you? And perhaps write a query to the local newspaper asking to meet family members. Good luck!


    Tuesday 29th Jun 2021, 03:22PM
  • In the 1911 Irish census there were 24 Wims, 14 Wyms & 68 Wymbs in Co. Sligo (all fairly obviously variant spellings of the same name). The census gives their townlands so you can see where they lived.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 29th Jun 2021, 05:00PM
  • Victoria:r

    From Roots Ireland:

    Bridget Wimms baptized January 6 1829 Ahamlish RC parish  father Martin Wimms mother Maria Lynch witnesses John Wimms and Barbara White

    Winifred Wimms baptized January 1 1830 parents Martin Wimms and Mary Lynch witnesses Patrick Lynch Bridget Sweeney

    John Wimms baptized February 7 1835 parents Martin Wimms Maria Lynch witnesses John Wimms and Margaret Waters

    Martin Wimms and Mary Lynch were married February 18 1828 at Ahamlish. The record showed that Martin's father was John and Mary's father was Patrick     Peter Lynch and James Corrogan were witnesses

    The 1858 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Ahamlish civil parish six Wemys records. Possibly the Martin is your ancestor.

    Wemys Bridget Bunduff Ahamlish Sligos
    Wemys John Bunduff Ahamlish Sligo
    Wemys Martin Bunduff Ahamlish Sligo
    Wemys Mary Creevymore Ahamlish Sligo
    Wemys Patrick Bunduff Ahamlish Sligo
    Wemys Patrick Creevymore Ahamlish Sligo

    You may want to check out the 1901 census for Bunduff. There are three Wymbs families listed.…

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 29th Jun 2021, 05:04PM
  • Thank you so much.  Yes, this looks like the family. It is our understanding that they went to America after 1958.  We know they had one more son, Owen who was born on 1838. We located him in the US Census in 1901. This at least gives us the siblings to look for. Patrick is Martin's brother. 


    Thursday 1st Jul 2021, 12:18AM

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