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My great-grandfather John Daniel Cavanaugh was born in 1849, most likely in Urlingford, according to various records. He was naturalized in Los Angeles, CA in 1879 and worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad. I have traced his brother, James, born about 1871, to Daniel Cavanagh and Bridget Fletcher in Urlingford, Kilkenny through birth certificates for some of James’ children who were born in Mexico. Those certificates listed James’ parents as Daniel Cavanaugh and Bridget Fletcher. Their names are also listed on Ossory, Urlingford birth record for a son, Michael, born July 10, 1843. (Daniel Cavanagh)  James is listed on a birth certificate (Daniel Kavenagh). Both certificates list Bridget Fletcher as mother.

Have not found a birth record for John so far. I did find one for a birthplace of St. James in Dublin, with Daniel Cavanagh as father, but mother’s name is Mary ?Autters.

Michael, John and James later live together in a rooming house in Los Angeles according to a city directory. I have a DNA match with James’ descendants living in California.

I am eager to visit Urlingford in the Spring of 2024. I have “driven” through the town on Google and noticed there are a few businesses named “Kavanagh.”


Thursday 30th Nov 2023, 12:56AM

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  • Hi. RootsIreland gives birth/baptismal records for Michael, James, John, and Daniel--children of Daniel Cavanagh and Bridget Fletcher in Urlingford--but all were born in the 1860s.


    Thursday 30th Nov 2023, 01:31AM
  • Thank you Patricia,

    Thank you for looking for the records. I'll have to investigate further. I've seen two different birthdates for James, the brother, but the 1849 date for John has been repeated consistently in several documents. But it could be a misprint that got repeated on other documents. I love a mystery... 


    Thursday 30th Nov 2023, 11:49PM

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