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My great grandparents John Driscoll and Johanna Murphy had 13 children. They lived in Desertserges at least from 1867 to 1886. Their children were Hanora, Ellen, Johanna, Mary, Julia ( one died as an infant 0 ), Jeremiah, John, Timothy, Daniel< James ( my grandfather ), Dennis and Patrick. All of the women emmigrated to the United States  as well as Jeremiah and my granfather James. They all settled in the Boston area. I don't have any info on Timothy , Daniel, Dennis or Patrick. I know that John married Mary Ellen Cullinane and lived in the Cork area.. I would be grateful if anyone had any info......Thanks Vinny Driscoll

Vin Driscoll

Wednesday 21st Feb 2018, 09:14PM

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  • Hi Vin!

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    No records are showing up on Roots Ireland. Can you provide the year of birth for some of the younger children so I can lcoate the civil birth records?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 21st Feb 2018, 10:05PM
  • Timothy was born on Aug 25,1878 and I believe he married a Mary Desmond. I think Daniel was born in 1879 and Dennis was born on Sep 29, 1884.... Patrick was written in error . He actually is the son of John Driscoll and Mary Ellen Cullinane. Thank You Roger.......

    Vin Driscoll

    Thursday 22nd Feb 2018, 04:48PM
  • Vin:

    A few records below: 1884 civil birth record for Denis. Family living in Maulrour townland in Desertserges civil parish, 1901 census showing John, Johanna and three children, 1911 census showing John, Johannah and Timothy. Transcription was incorrect for Johannah shown as Jeremiah. I sent in a correction request. Note 10 living children, 1913 death record for Johannah, 1919 death record for John. NOTE son John shown as informant on both records. Finally, 1911 census record showing Denis with another family as a worked. No guarantee but likely him.

    You can find civil birth, marriage and death records at; I looked for Timothy's marriage record and Denis' death record with no success. Maybe you will have more success.




    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 22nd Feb 2018, 06:11PM
  • Hi Roger......Thanks for your help. I wasn't aware of Johanna and John's death records. I have cousins that I visited a few years ago that still live in the house in Malrour and in fact a Keohane family member still lives down the street. The Keohane name shows up frequently in the baptismal records of many of John and Johanna's children.... I may be going back over to Ireland soon. What heritage center should I go to for further research? Thanks once again.....Vinny Driscoll

    Vin Driscoll

    Friday 23rd Feb 2018, 04:38PM
  • Vinny:

    Most of the data you would need can be found online at free sites or subscription sites.

    Below is the address for the Heritage Center in Co. Cork.



    Genealogy Centre Contact Details
    Mallow Heritage Centre
    27/28 Bank Place
    Co. Cork
    Tel: +353 (22) 50302

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 23rd Feb 2018, 05:57PM
  • Thanks for your help......Vinny Driscoll

    Vin Driscoll

    Saturday 24th Feb 2018, 04:36PM

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