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William Jordan, born about 1782 in or near Castlebar, County Mayo, married Lavinia Acton on June 1,1813.  She was born in 1788 and also in the Castlebar area.  William was a weaver and farmer.  They had 7 children born in Ireland.(Thomas, John William, Jane, Ann, James and Eliza)  According to records found online, they lived in Tonranny in 1842 to 1846.  They immigrated to Ontario, Canada in May 1846 on the noteable coffin ship, the Elizabeth and Sarah.  There are stories about this fateful voyage online.  The family stories tell that William was a small man and a fearless rider.  When he was a boy he rode in races and during the rebellion of 1798 he carried messages for the Loyalists and continued as dispatch rider until the rebellion was over.  I would love to find records of who William's parents are, and where they are from, but I keep hitting a dead end.  If anyone has information, please let me know.  I have reason to believe that William had brothers named John, James and Edward.  Based on the naming sequence of William's first son, William's father could be Thomas.    Thank you! 

Heather Barr, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.


Saturday 8th Jan 2022, 04:55PM

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  • The 1796 Irish flax growers list shows the following Jordans in Mayo.  Perhaps one is William's father.


    Jordan Anthony Kilconduff Mayo
    Jordan Edmond Knock Mayo
    Jordan Edmund Addergoole Mayo
    Jordan Henry Templemurry Mayo
    Jordan John Killedan Mayo
    Jordan John Meelick Mayo
    Jordan Martin Killasser Mayo
    Jordan Patrick Kilbelfad Mayo
    Jordan Thomas Addergoole Mayo
    Jordan Thomas Annagh Mayo
    Jordan Thomas Knock Mayo
    Jordan William Caslemore Mayo
    Jordan William Kilconduff Mayo


    Saturday 8th Jan 2022, 08:02PM
  • Thanks Patricia!  I have seen this list.  William would have been 14 years old at the time. Do you think he would make the list at that age?


    Sunday 9th Jan 2022, 04:13AM
  • Heather,

    I didn't mean to imply William was on the list!  Perhaps one of the men was his father.


    Monday 10th Jan 2022, 01:55PM

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