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I am looking for any information on John Keegan born 1841 and Mary Ann Clarke born 1851.  They are my great grandparents born in Ireland.  I believe they were married in Ireland as I can't find any marriages in England but they had their first child in Widnes in Lancashire in 1870.  That would make John 29 years old and Mary Ann 19 years old.  I don't know where in Ireland they were from so I'm wondering how to find out.  Thanks.


Wednesday 14th Sep 2022, 11:57PM

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  • MarilynneT,

    You should try and get the names of John and Mary's parents. You may find those on their death records.

    Assuming John was in paid employment, there may be a Social Welfare record which will show the name of his Mother.

    There are many records of a John Keegan in Ireland. I attach a copy from the 1851 Irish census of a John Keegan who was born in

    County Westmeath in 1841. When a person reached the age of 70 years they had to produce evidence of age to obtain a pension.

    This could be satisfied by a baptism certificate. In its absence a copy of the Irish census of 1841 or 1851 would satisfy.

    I have checked for a marriage record on Subscription sites and with negative results



    Thursday 15th Sep 2022, 12:21PM
  • Thankyou for looking McCoy.  


    Saturday 17th Sep 2022, 10:41PM

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