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We are searching for information on a Kelly family who emigrated to Prince Edward Island Canada in 1839/1840. The party included

·     Mary Kelly (1783 -1788?) and at least 3 sons,

·     Edward (1806) and wife Ann Boylan Kelly and 2/3 (?) children John b1831 or 1836? James b1838 and Bridget b1837

·     Arthur (1819)

·     John (1820)

·     And unspecified others as listed on PEI 1841 census


We have believed that they came from the Emyvale/Glaslough area in Co Monaghan, perhaps from the Leslie Estate? (O’Grady, Brendan (2004) Exiles and Islanders: The Irish Settlers of Prince Edward Island.  Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.)

We have further believed that Mary was a widow, but recently we have found some unsourced references to a Mary Kelly (from Donagh) married to an Arthur Kelly [(1776 to 1850), they having 3 sons Edward, Arthur and John]. The elder Arthur is said to have been a brother to a Bernard Kelly and son to a Bernard Kelly Esquire (1738 – 28 July 1828) whose remains lie in a family vault in the Kilcommon Old Cemetery, Lecarrow. There may be a Hugh Kelly Esquire in this mix, 1740-1807.


The inscriptions on the vault are as follows:


The vault has three rectangular slabs of granite on top of it. Two versions of the O'Kelly/Kelly coat of arms are on the vault. On the slab to the right as you look at the vault is one of the Coats of Arms plus the following inscription. "Here lieth the body of Nana/Nola ,alias Brogan. wife of Hugh Kelly Esquire of Killaghan,by whom this monument was erected. She departed this life 17th July 1802, aged 60 Years (born abt. 1742) May her soul the mercy of God enjoy. He (Hugh) departed this life March 1807, aged 67 (Born abt 1740) Bernard Kelly died July 28th 1823/1828 aged 90 (Born abt 1738) Bernard Kelly Esq. died 18 January 1850 aged 74 (born abt 1776) also Maybella aged --- wife of -----Kelly , alias O'Farrell. The second granite slab has an inscription which is carved out of the granite (ie proud of the granite) and bears the date 1675. Also it has carved on the total length of the slab, a very elegant, simple Celtic Cross. The third slab has no inscription that is readable to the eye. On the surround of the vault are carved the memorials to Marcella Kelly and her nephews and their family members. Also this part of the memorial carries the second Kelly/O'Kelly coat of arms.


A piece of family lore has it that Mary's husband was in some sort of 'trouble', perhaps preventing/militating against his passage to PEI with Mary and their children?

Can anyone assist us in furthering our research to determine if this Arthur (son of Bernard Kelly Esq) was the husband of Mary Kelly, who came to PEI from Donagh parish, Co Monaghan?

Pauline Murphy Sutow

Tuesday 1st Mar 2022, 02:26PM

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