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KInd members of the Ireland XO Community --

My great-grandparents were Dominick Kelly and Sarah Jane Rock of Attyrory, Co. Roscommmon.  They both passed away in 1912, and I have two questions relating to their progeny.

(1)  Their seven children all immigrated to America in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Of the seven, three never married, and sometime in the late 1930's they returned to Attyrory.  Family lore says that they returned to raise turkeys.  I am looking for confirmation of that and also for any other information available that might give me insights into their life once they returned to Ireland.  The three individuals are:  Margaret Agnes Kelly (1872 - ??), John Peter Kelly (1879 - ??), and Michael Kelly (1882 - 1965?).  For the three, I have only been able to find one death record that I'm somewhat confident about; there is a death record of a Michael Kelly from Attyrory, a bachelor, who passed away at the Portiuncula Hospital on 16 Nov 1965.  His age is given as 70 (my great-uncle would have been 83, but I know that ages are often imprecise).  Any help that I can receive in fleshing out the story of the Kelly's who returned to Ireland would be very appreciated.

(2)  Dominick Kelly and Sarah Jane Rock had a daughter Delia Frances, who was born about 1878, immigrated to America, and died in 1915.  I have been unable to locate a record of her birth or baptism, and am hoping that someone in the Ireland XO community might be able to help.

Many thanks for your generous efforts!


Friday 11th Dec 2020, 11:41AM

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  • Kate:

    Delia was a nickname for Bridget. I located the civil record for Bridget who was actually born November 20 1874. Here is the civil birth record. You may have to sign-in to see the record…


    The civil death records are available at the free site and likely you have already scanned the records. I agree that the Michael record you located is your ancestor. I scanned the Mary and John Kelly records and did not find a good lead. 

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 11th Dec 2020, 03:03PM
  • A transcription of Bridget's baptismal record follows:

    Name:Bridget Kelly

    Date of Birth:20-Nov-1874

    Registration Date:
    Address:Attyrory Taughmaconnell



    CountyCo. Galway

    Denomination:Civil Record
    Father:Dominick Kelly

    Mother:Sarah Rock

    Occupation:Small Farmer

    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Domk Kelly

    Sponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:


    Qualification: FATHER.

    © 2020 Copyright East Galway Family History Society

    Please email me at if you have questions.


    Friday 11th Dec 2020, 07:00PM
  • Roger and Pat,

    Thank you both for your responses.  Roger, thank you for looking at Michael Kelly's death record and providing confirmation that I have the correct one. 

    Regarding my great-aunt Delia (or Bridget), there seems to be a mystery.  My grandmother (one of Delia's older sisters) was named Mary Ann Brigid Kelly.  This is how her name appears on an official birth certificate obtained from St. Michael's, Ballinasloe, many years ago.  The birth certificate states that Mary Ann Brigid Kelly's birth date was February 7, 1874, and her baptism date was March 5, 1874.  The handwritten parish register also gives the same birth and baptism dates, but refers to her simply as "Brigida."  (I don't know what name she went by in Ireland, but in the U.S. she was known as "Mame.")  I have never found a civil birth record documenting her birth date in February or March 1874, and I had suspected that the civil birth record stating the birth date of Brigid as 20 Nov 1874 was simply a case of late registration (very late registration) and an attempt to avoid a fine.  I suppose it's possible that a second Brigid was born nine months later, and with that in mind I've looked for a baptismal record at St. Michael's from October 1874 through March 1875 for a second Brigid or Delia, with no success.  So ... I'm still thinking the 20 Nov 1874 date was a case of late registration, but again, maybe it wasn't.  Oh, goodness.  

    Other documents show Delia's birth date as June 1875 (1900 U.S. Census), 1880 (1910 U.S. Census), and 1878 (both her marriage record in 1912 and her death record in 1915).  Maybe this will remain a genealogical mystery, but if there's a solution, it would be great to discover it!

    Thanks again for all the work you do -- you provide great value and it's appreciated!


    Friday 11th Dec 2020, 08:30PM
  • A transcription of Bridget's baptismal record follows:...Please see was her birth record not baptism.


    Friday 11th Dec 2020, 09:21PM
  • Correction:  The document I have from St Michael's in Ballinasloe is Mary Ann Brigid Kelly's baptism certificate (NOT a birth certificate).  Sorry for any confusion...


    Friday 11th Dec 2020, 10:30PM
  • Kate

    The baptismal record transcribed by Roots Ireland was in Ballinasloe RC church. The baptismal date was February 20th 1874 and the date of birth was shown as February 9th 1874. I can't explain the difference between the Roots Ireland info and the record sent from St. Michaels.

     I agree that the civil registration was late and they used a later date of birth to avoid the fine.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 11th Dec 2020, 10:48PM

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