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I posted a message on the general board previously however I am still endevouring to trace my ansestors in the Timoney area I recently visited the old grave yard in Timoney and I located my great great garnd parents head stone whcih was fantastic (the stone was in very poor repair) so I asked a local company to assess the damager and let me have a repair cost. I am anxious to trace the loacl relatives as I am reluctant to do anythin without speaking to other relatioves and have their permission.

The family are Dohertys. Thomas Doherty who was married to Mary Dwane. I understand they had 8 children. Judith (Judy) was my great grand mother. Judy have 7 siblings, Thomas,Charles, Anne, Mary, Margaret, John, James there may have been others but im not sure. Charles married Margaret Guidra and Margaret married Kieran Quaney. My great gran mother (Judy) married Martin Whelan. John married Margaret Finn. I am unsure of the remiander.

I am hoping thsi information will connect with someone in the area as it would be great to connect. Recently I was infromed one of the Doherty connection was a cattel dealer in the Roscrea aera.


Any help would be appreciated.






Monday 28th Dec 2020, 03:12PM

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  • Hi Kevin,

    I was in a similar situation once, finding a headstone for ancestors in Longford from 1827. The headstone repairman told me I should get permission from the family. I said, "I AM the family. No one has been buried here since the 1820s. There is no one here taking care of this grave. Please do the work." I think you would be safe doing the same. Patricia,


    Monday 28th Dec 2020, 06:16PM


    Hi Patricia

    Appreciate your comments, I was just hoping to find some relatives but I tkae yoy point.




    Tuesday 29th Dec 2020, 10:57AM

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