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I have noticed some of my Gallagher ancestors are identified in the Kilmacteige Parish - RC Records as being baptised in the Townland of 'Clurhy'. I have been unable to find any other reference to Cluhry as being a townland. 

Can anyone shed a light on the Clurhy name?

mark moran

Thursday 16th Sep 2021, 12:30AM

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  • Hi Mark,

    You should contact Sligo County Library at to see if there is any reference in the Archives to this location.

    During Griffith's Land Valuation - 1840's/50's -  many areas which had local names were absorbed into a more identifiable townland.

    There is a similar query to yours by a Janet Walsh Coy in 2016 on Ireland Reaching Out.,



    Thursday 16th Sep 2021, 07:30AM
  • Hi McCoy,

    Thanks for the reply - I checked out the site you suggested and got a fast response from the librarian and a list of some good web sites as well. This didn't solve the mystery but it has pointed me in another direction which may eventually prove positive.



    mark moran

    Sunday 19th Sep 2021, 03:24AM
  • Hullo everyone,

    Just following up on this email thread which has been a mystery to me and apparently a few others as well.  My ancestor search has focused on the Moran family and woth respect to this email Andrew Gallagher (1828-1866) and Anne Convey (1828-1911) and of course there decendants - Andrew; Honora, Bridget, Mary, John, Patrick and Annie. Tithe, Griffith and Encumbered Estates' records all confirm Andrew Gallagher lived in the Townland of Glenawoo (Glenavoo and a few other spelling variants). Their children accordinging to their baptism records are listed as being born in Clurhy in the Kilmacteige Parish. After much searching I found a very plausable explanation for this mystery. 

    A local historical group in Kilmacteige - Histories & Memories (Facebook website link:…) - has published an excellent article by Daniel Jones (Townlands and other place names in the parish) which lists other placenames for several of the townlands in the Kilmactiege Parish. Daniel lists a number of other place names for Glenawoo, including one called Clerhy. Recognising this is very close to Clurhy and likely how the priest doing the baptism spelt the baptism location at that time, it seems very plausable to me this solves the mystery i.e. all of ANdrew and Anne's children were born in Clurhy in the Townalnd of Glenawoo.

    As an aside I strongly recommend this historical group, their website and publications to you. Apart from being a great read, it also provides a valuable insight to the Parish' past history and present state. They video they have produced is fanbtastic too.

    I hope this is of some assistance to others and also I am very happy to share any information I have which may be of value to others researching the Moran family (Letterbrone townland) or Gallaghers' of Glenawoo.



    mark moran

    Thursday 31st Mar 2022, 12:02AM

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