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Hi I'm responding to the excellent email from Irelandxo today re gravestones. Very timely as I was looking at a Maynooth research paper on the Minch's of Athy. In it, it states that a gravestone was put up in Kilrush (Suncroft) to Thomas and Honora Minch by their son Matthew of Dublin. Thomas's death is given as 1824, Honora's as 1840. Matthew became very successful in Dublin.
Thomas's father was supposed to be a Patrick. Does he have a gravestone?
I cannot find this cemetry or gravestone anywhere online. Can anyone help please?
I would love to know where it is and to see the total inscription... dates and names.
Thank you.
Fionn Lawlor


Sunday 30th Jan 2022, 07:31PM

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  • Fionn,


    I'd like to suggest you write to the Kilrush and District Heritage Ctr. at

    Local people may be of help.


    Good luck!


    Sunday 30th Jan 2022, 09:32PM
  •… This is likely the document you refer to above, it states that the burials of Thomas and Honora took place in Kilrush cemetery but I am unable to find this cemetery in Kildare,


    Sunday 30th Jan 2022, 09:40PM
  • Thank you both for your replies.
    Patricia it's Kilrush Kildare not Clare.
    Eileen yes it is that document above . I am surprised that someone does a thesis mentioning a gravestone and doesn't enclose a photo of it and its locality and inscription.
    Thomas & Honor Minch were definitely in Kilrush as I've found three of their children's baptisms on Suncroft NLI. However if he died 1820 as suggested, then the family must have moved elsewhere as they are not mentioned on the tithes.
    According to this document, there are also Minch gravestones with legible inscriptions at Crookstown cemetry but I can't find these online. Any suggestions where to look please?
    Also this document mentions the 1766 church census and that a Patrick Minch was listed as being in Kilrush. Again I cannot seem to access this document. Any advice?
    Thank you for your help. Have s good day.


    Monday 31st Jan 2022, 03:21PM
  • Croockstown Cemetery, as far as I can make out , it is near Timolan which is mentioned in some articles relating to the Minch family, also the son Matthew lived in Athy Co. Kildare.


    Tuesday 1st Feb 2022, 11:47AM
  • There's an old graveyard in Suncroft village Co. Kildare, on the site of an old Catholic chapel already in ruins by the 1840s, a newer chapel was built a short distance north also on the west side of the main street and shown in arond 1900 as dedicated to. St. Bridget. A newer cemetery is located a little to the south of the town established later in the 1900s ..

    Suncroft village and townland are in Carn civil parish and was part of the Catholic parish of Sandcroft/Suncroft. This RC parish covered a number of civil parishes all in County Kildare - Ballysax, Ballyshannon, Carn and KiIrush. In the 1830s the only chapel for the parish was the one in Suncroft.

    The old graveyard is visible from the road on Google Streetview.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 1st Feb 2022, 05:40PM
  • Thanks Eileen & Shane

    If I still lived in Dublin, I'd be down scouring those graveyards.

    Incidentally I did find some Rosetown Minch's gravestone info from Two Mile House, not direct ancestors, but it all paints a picture.

    Thanks again.



    Wednesday 2nd Feb 2022, 10:32PM

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