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I wonder if anyone can decipher this marriage 27.5.1850 of Thomas Lavin to a Sara ? She appears with 2 surnames, what looks like a Latin tag on the name Crosby, followed by the name Hanly. Could she have been a widow when she married Thomas with the birth surname of Crosby?
I'm interested, as a witness was Luke Lavin. I have a Luke as an ancestor who had a Thomas as a sponsor to one of his children's baptism.
The entry below that of Thomas is of a Michael Hanly marrying a Catherine Lavin with witnesses Luke and Bridget Lavin. My Luke was married (2nd time) to Bridget Stapleton.
My Lavins were from Ardgallagher, but on the tithes, Daniel Hanly is leasing all the land and is quite the leading farmer in the area.
So I'm interested in connections between the Lavins and Hanlys that could give me some good estimates as to Luke Lavin's siblings. Luke was born c 1797-1800.
Am also interested in any Stapleton current descendants, as all I have are Bridget's 3 sisters and whom they married.
I have exhausted ALL possible records, so now probably need DNA 3rd/4th cousins to surface!
Thank you.
Fionn Lawlor


Thursday 30th Dec 2021, 07:32PM

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  • Fionn:

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has a March 1 1832 marriage between a Sarah Hanly and a John Crosbie in Aughrim church. So as you surmised Sarah was a widow when she married Thomas Lavin and the priest showed her maiden name in addition to Crosbie.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 30th Dec 2021, 08:03PM
  • Hi Roger thank you for such a swift reply. I have another query for you about the townland of Ardgallagher.
    Griffiths 1858 shows the 9 plots of just over 165 acres (leasing off Fulke Greville).
    Field books 1838 also show 165 acres plus proviso that no house was worth >£5.
    Tithes 1838 show Daniel Hanly leasing 78 acres of Ardgalagher (diff sp) from the estate of Marquis of Westmeath. Daniel doesn't appear in 1858.
    Is there any way of finding who had the remaining 87 acres in 1838? And if Daniel was sub-leasing the land? There are a lot of Aughrim baptism recorded in Ardgallagher in 1820s/30s.
    I'm trying to build a picture of when and how the Lavins (Luke) arrived there (def before 1826).
    Thanks a million.
    PS are we talking about Irish acres here as opposed to English?


    Saturday 8th Jan 2022, 10:08AM
  • Hello. I was also curious regarding the difference in size of Ardgallagher from 1838 to 1858... could the townland of Fearagh and the townland of Ardgallagher been combined/divided at some point? My great grandfather Michael Keenan was born in Ardgallagher in 1854, yet no Keenans listed. Many thanks!




    Tuesday 15th Mar 2022, 08:25PM
  • Hi Terry im sure you know that there are Keenans listed on Griffiths for Ardgallagher- Peter and James.
    I found I had to trawl through NLI parish records for Aughrim to search for relatives in first half of 19th century and tie in bap/marr sp/wits.
    I asked my Lavin cousin if he remembered any Keenans and he said his dad John Lavin used to talk about a "fierce strict schoolteacher Master Keenan" -that would be from 1940s.
    I haven't looked for any Lavins and Keenans intermarrying - I'm sure there must have been.


    Friday 18th Mar 2022, 02:43PM

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