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I just found a 1927 probate record for a John T. Lennon in NYC. The record lists 21 cousins!  There are 4 cousins listed as living in Ireland. Ellen Brennan Murtagh, who is my great grandmother, living in Ballymurry, Stephen Naughton, who is the nephew of Ellen Brennan Murtagh, living in Ballymurray. Bridget Lennon Breheny living in Clooncundra. John Brennan, living in Sandfield, Knockcroghery.  I was able to research the connection for the first three, but am not sure how John Brennan fits into the family. The probate record noted that Stephen and John were infants over 14 years of age.  I looked at the 1911 census for John Brennan, but none had Sandfield listed. John must have a Lennon connection. 
I went through the entire church books of Kilteevan. I was able to locate one of the cousins who their children immigrated to New Jersey. Patrick Lennon and Catherine Kilcline. I am not sure if Patrick and Catherine immigrated to the states, but I know their children did except for Bridget who married James Breheny. 
If anyone recognizes any of the names, I would love to learn more about the families. If anyone needs to learn about this Lennon family after they arrived here in the states, I would be happy to share my info. 
The grandparents of John T. Brown are Thomas and Mary Hanly.  The children of Thomas and Mary, who I am aware of are: Michael J, who married Anna Hanly, Mary who married Dennis Cronin, Catherine who married Luke Brennan, John who married Anna Gannon, Patrick (mentioned above who married Catherine Kilcline), and Bridget who married James Mullen.

John Brennan is a mystery to me. Any information on this family would be most welcomed. 

New York 

Mary Murtagh Lorenz

Friday 11th Feb 2022, 03:28PM

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  • Hi Mary!

    Sandfield is not an official townland so you won't find a census record using that location. If you go to the census search and enter John Brennan and then show Mote in the DED field, you will get seven John Brennan records: one in Ballymurray, one in Cloonconra, four in Clooncraff and one in Killeenboy which can be dropped because of age.

    The John Brennan you are looking for is likely one of these two records.……



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 11th Feb 2022, 05:15PM
  • I was looking for a very young child. So infant over 14 just means single?
    I read a letter from my great grandfather mentioning that John Brennan let my great grandmother be buried in a burial plot he had in 1937. I wonder if this is the same John Brennan.
    Thanks again, Roger.
    Hopefully someone knows of this family.
    Much appreciated!

    Mary Murtagh Lorenz

    Saturday 12th Feb 2022, 12:12AM
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    There was a house/estate name Sandfield less than 5km (~3 miles) west of the town of Knockcroghery - this house was in Lisdaulan townland. A check of this townland on the 1911 shows seven properties, including a Kelly household with a young nephew age 3 named John Brennan.


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 14th Feb 2022, 10:47AM
  • Shane:

    Great work! The National Archives site was down all weekend for some reason.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 14th Feb 2022, 02:27PM
  • Thank you, thank you!!  There was a Brennan child that was raised by the Kelly family. He was a "Kelly-Brennan ". His name was John Brennan. When he came to the states, he kept the Kelly-Brennan name. Thank you ever so much to have solved the mystery. 
    sending a big kiss from New York!


    Mary Murtagh Lorenz

    Monday 14th Feb 2022, 03:25PM

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