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looking for information concerning 4th Great-grandfather 

JAMES LONG    b.c.1800 in Inchigeelagh, Cork

married in 1820 to MARGARET LEARY,  of Daniel Leary (O'Leary) 1782 Inchigeelagh  & Ellen Brown 1780 Bandon, Cork.

James & Margaret had 6 children: Patrick 1821;  Nora1830;   Thomas 1833- 1890 (came to Canada & US);  Hannah 1835;  Mary 1839

& Margaret 1825 - 3rd Great Grandmother,  in 1840 married Joseph Kirkpactrick 1825 possibly from Donegal.

I have sources for the children's baptism & his marriage via the Casey Collection & Catholic Parrish Register

any information, especially on James Long, would be helpful & very much appreciated

Thank you





Sunday 4th Jul 2021, 03:01AM

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  • Barbara:

    The church records for the RC parish of Iveleary/Inchigeelagh start in November 1816  so there would be no baptismal records available for James or Margaret assuming they were baptized in that parish.

    I looked on the free site and saw the baptismal reocrds for the five children you listed. I also saw an additional record for a Patrick Long baptized March 1 1821 in Iveleary.

    You had indicated that James and Margaret married in 1827 but both Margaret and Patrick were born before 1827 so likely the marriage was in 1819-1820 and maybe in a different parish than Iveleary.

    The record for Mary in 1839 shows the family was living in Teeranassig townland in Inchigeelagh civil parish.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 4th Jul 2021, 04:41PM
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    Thank you,  I will keep searching for James' family -
    Patrick 1821 is another of Margaret and James children

    you are correct Mgt and James did marry in 1820 - I have no idea where I came up with the 7, maybe I should quit doing genealogy at 0300!

    I appreciate your help & thanks for the websites
    Stay Well


    Monday 5th Jul 2021, 05:49PM
  • Hello!

    I am another Barbara looking for James LONG , but I have his wife as Mary LEARY.  Is it possible that Mary and Margaret could be used interchangeably?  I've seen either Mary or Margaret, but not both together.  Thanks for any insight you can provide.

    Barbara Scholz

    Barbara Scholz

    Sunday 15th Aug 2021, 09:32PM
  • Barbara,

    I'm not 100% certain, but "Mary" Leary & James Long had a child Margaret in Feb 1841  -----

         { Ireland, Select Births and Baptisms, 1620-1911 [database on-line]. Provo, UT: Operations, Inc., 2011.}

         {Original data: Ireland Births and Baptisms, 1620–1911. Index. Salt Lake City, Utah: Family Search.}

    Also, see Roger's notes above.

    -  it fits with our  Margaret E Leary / James Long /  and Margaret Long (1841 --) our GG-grandmother and the -- Long/ Leary/ Kirkpatrick/ Forrest  -- history we have

    My sister did a lot of the research by hand years ago asking questions of our mother (Marian Forrest 1924 - 2015) and our grandfather (John E F  Forrest 1902-1986)

    Also - maybe a far stretch,  but the abbreviation for Margaret  is "Margt"  depending on the hand-writing it could have been construed as Mary

    I will send this note to my sister Linda & see if she has anything else to offer

    Good luck hunting, I'm willing to share whatever I have  -- which  I think is correct

    Barbara Gallagher



    Monday 16th Aug 2021, 06:25AM
  • Barbara,


    I managed to mess up the Margarets

        Margaret E  LEARY (1800 Inchigeelagh, Cork) &  James LONG (1796 Castelyons, Cork)    were in married 1820;

             daughter  Margaret LONG (1825 Inchigeelagh, Cork)  &   Joseph KIRKPATRICK (c. 1825)   were married c. 1840;  they moved to Donegal (Web:  Ireland,  Census Search Form 1841-1851)

                             daughter  Margaret (Lizzie  or Maggie) KIRKPATRICK  (1841) came to Philadelphia PA in 1858;   married  John FORREST (1848- possibly from Donegal - 1898 Philadelphia)

    Sorry about the mix-up



    Tuesday 17th Aug 2021, 12:37AM

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