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I'm trying to find family of John Broderick and Eliza Coleman.

I can't remember all of their children's names but here's a few (I think!).

Helena, Bridget, Elizabeth, John, Patrick and Mary.

Helena (my grandmother - married Albert Downes in England and had three children).

I'm sure John and Elizabeth had eight children.

I really know very little about the family in Ireland, so would love to find out more.

If anybody can help, it would be very much appreciated.

Claire Downes 


Sunday 9th Aug 2020, 01:38PM

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  • Hi Claire,

    Attached is a copy of the civil marriage of John Broderick and Elizabeth Colleran in June 1894. It may not refer to your family!

    No children recorded on for years to 1905. Perhaps they moved to England after their marriage.



    Sunday 9th Aug 2020, 04:26PM
  • Thank you McCoy for such a quick response.

    When your message came in I remembered I had birth certificate details from Dublin of my grandmother as a pdf. 
    It is Coleman not Colleran. It's been a few years since searching and, stupidly, got my great grandmothers name wrong. Eliza was born in Loughrea.

    My grandmother was:
    Full Birth Name: Helena Broderick
    Day: 6
    Month: Aug
    Year: 1909
    Accurate Date: Accurate
    County of Birth: Galway
    Location of Birth: Masonbrook
    Mother's Full Maiden Name: Eliza Coleman
    Father's Full Name: John Broderick

    Thanks again for your help,


    Sunday 9th Aug 2020, 06:58PM
  • Hi Claire,

    Sorry for the confusion.

    I attach a copy of a Helena Broderick who was baptised in the parish of Leitrim which adjoins Loughrea in August 1909.

    For Masonbrook you have: Bridget 1896, Catherine 1898, Norah 1900, John 1902, John Michael 1903, Anne 1904. There is Margaret with the address Moanmore West. The above parents are shown as "John Broderick and Elizabeth Colleran". Source:

    There is a Cecelia in the parish of Leitrim 1906.

    The civil records can be sought in Galway at 25, Newcastle Road. Cost 4 Euro for a copy of the record.



    Tuesday 11th Aug 2020, 08:40AM
  • Thanks so much McCoy,

    Once again you have been absolutely brilliant and your help has been very much appreciated.

    I have more to go on now and hopefully can progress things from here.

    I guess I was hoping for a long shot and a living relative looks at this site. 

    All the very best,


    Tuesday 11th Aug 2020, 01:28PM
  • Hello, I just thought I would touch base with you, I was looking for my Broderick family, who may have been from Cork.  My great great grandfather was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  His name was John Arthur Broderick.  I think he had a sister named Elizabeth and a brother Michael, maybe a brother named Martin, Patrick and a sister named Catherine.  His parents were Patrick Joseph and Margaret Broderick.  I suspect they left Ireland at the end of the 1840's (them and 3 million other people).  Patrick's father was Michael (I think) maybe married to Margaret McNally and his father was Patrick also (I think) and he may have been married to Margaret O'Laughlin (or O'Locklin)...  Patrick Joseph may have had a sister named Bridgette and a brother named Martin.   Since the names sounded familiar I thought I would follow up and see if my Patrick's family in Ireland and see if you knew of anyone who might fit that discription.  In reality there were probably lot's of Patrick's, Michael's, John's in every family besides the Brodericks.  But Bridgette and Martin seem a little less common but not necessarily.  It seems odd that three generations would all marry a woman named Margaret, go figure.   But if there was a Patrick Joseph Broderick who married a Margaret and left for Canada in the late 1840's or early 1850's please let me know?  Thanks. 

    JB Broderick

    Wednesday 11th Nov 2020, 03:42PM
  • Hi Claire

    I am not sure if I've answered you before as I find it hard following the structure of some of these groupings - so here goes.

    if your father is Aidan and sister is Wendy then we are related and you are my first cousin once removed. I think Coleman could be a typo or someone else; the various birth places have a similar treatment Glannascloth = Glenaslot etc and in my records is almost synonymous with Masonbrook (adjacent to it,) and Moanmore on the other side where John Broderick and Eliza Collera are registered in the 1901 census.

    Long story short, they had fourteen children including the Bridget, Margaret etc as well as Helena; her daughter Moira, your aunt, is my first cousin and lives in Perth, Australia. My mother Veronica was Helena's sister. If you'd like more details pls drop me a line on





    Tuesday 13th Apr 2021, 04:01AM

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