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My great-great grandfather was Daniel Wolftone Fahey/Fahy, he was born 1 Apr 1831-1838 in Mountbellew, Galway, Ireland. According to US Census records he emigrated in either 1853 or 1856, as an older teen, to the USA with his parents and most of his siblings. His parents were killed by a runaway team of horses shortly after arriving in the USA. He m/1 Catherine "Kate" Mary Mullen(s) (she was born in the west of Ireland, we believe in Galway) and they had 10 children, after her death, he m/2 as an 80 year old to his relation Bridget Fahy/Fahey Ethell (widow of John Ethell). After being in the USA for several decades the family started spelling the name as Fay. I have just submitted a detailed biography for him as my ancestor over in the Mountbellew section. The last of the family with the name in Mountbellew were an innkeeper and a tailor and they left in the 1950s, although there are some distant Fahey/Fahy kin still living in the outlying districts. DNA and family history show that we are closely related to a Fahey/Fahy family from parishes in Gort, Galway. Daniel Fahy born  21 Jun 1888 in Dunally, Peterswell, Galway, Ireland (married Celia Gill 1918 in Ireland) died 1968 was either a nephew or 1st cousin, once removed of Daniel Wolftone Fahey/Fahy. Daniel Fahy and Celia Gill had 10 children. Via DNA I know I am related to their son John Fahy born 6 Feb 1922, died 29 Mar 2014 (he married Mary Mannion she was b. 1937 - d. 2012)  he and my great-grandfather James Francis Fay (he m. Mary Adalaide "Mame" Doughty) were either 1st or 2nd cousins, and I would be a 3rd cousin or 4th cousin to his children. I am a DNA match to his grandson Gerard Niland s/o Gerry Niland (1963-2008, Ballyturn, Gort, Galway) and ____ Fahey (d/o John Fahy and Mary Mannion).  Two of my Father's 1st cousins are also DNA matches to Gerard Niland, at the 3rd to 3rd cousin, once removed, to 4th cousin level (on MyHeritage). Gerard Niland and his mom live in Ireland, I believe still in the areas in or near Gort. I am also related to a branch of the family from Gort that emigrated to New Zealand during the potato famine years. My DNA match in New Zealand is to Mary Churchill Robinson (her mother was a Fahey) is at a 5th cousin level and is on Ancestry (she also matches to some of my Father's 1st cousins). 

I have uploaded a photo of my great-great grandfather Daniel Wolftone Fahy/Fahey, a photo of my great-great grandmother Catherine Mary Mullen(s), a photo of my great-grandfather James Francis Fay and a photo of Daniel Fahy (on far left) with his wife Celia Gill and 2 of her siblings, Winifred Gill and Michael "Mick" Gill. My family's reaction upon seeing the photo of Daniel Fahy with his wife was OMG he and my great-grandfather James Francis Fay look so related to each other!

Anna K

Tuesday 5th Mar 2019, 03:12AM

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  • Dear Anna K:

    Thank you for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board and welcome.  We have a very knowledgeable Gort volunteer who will be able to assist you with your research.  I have forwarded this query to  Sr deLourdes  who will be in contact with you in the next few days or so.  

    Thank you for your interest in Ireland Reaching Out and please consider creating an Ancestor profile of a family ancestor on the XO Chronicles (tab at the top of the page).  


    Kind regards, 



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 5th Mar 2019, 03:44PM
  • Hello Anna K,

    I believe I have a connection to your Daniel Fahy/Celia Gill family. 

    First, My great-grandfather was Michael Monahan born in 1845 in Tubber, Clare/Galway (it's right on the line, the village exists in both counties).  His mother looks to be Mary Fahy and that could be the connection.

    Second, I have a Flaherty DNA match cousin from around Gort and his mother was a Gill.  We haven't worked out the details of our connection, but it looks as if it is on that line.

    You mentioned DNA--have you done a test?

    I would love to compare notes!

    Best wishes,



    Friday 19th Jun 2020, 02:53AM
  • Dear Georgie:

    I will send you an email.


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 17th Jul 2020, 11:03AM
  • Hi KatyM, and Anna K:

    There may be someone who has a connection to either of you.  Please email me if you wish to learn more.


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 17th Jul 2020, 11:12AM
  • Jane, I'm not sure how to email you from here. ? I'd be interested in connecting up with relations. Thanks, Anna

    KatyM I didn't find a Michael Monahan in my tree. Did he immigrate to Massachusetts?  I did find one person on Ancestry with him in her tree, but her tree is private. Is KathrynM512 you? :) Anna

    Anna K

    Saturday 25th Jul 2020, 09:24AM
  • How have you been faring with your Fahy?  I suspect that I have a DNA connection to some Fahys.  My cousins are Fahys.  Most of them seem to have migrated to Australia.  Some of their connections went to Boston.

    Do you know that a Flaherty and a Fahy were living in Lisheenclara? They are on the Griffiths.  My folks were also in Lisheenclara.  Most of the marriages would have occured in the Killeendeema parish.  I've been trying to unwind the D'Arcy and Quigelys.  


    William O'Hara

    Sunday 7th Feb 2021, 01:34PM
  • Daniel and Celia Fahey were my grandparents. Their daughter Mary (Molly) Fahey is my mother. We live in Dumfries, Scotland. Mum is 96 years old now. I showed her the photos of both Daniel Wolftone Fay and James Fay and she thought they were both very like her father! 




    Sunday 27th Jun 2021, 07:31PM

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