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Hi ,

Cornelius and Judith Maher (nee Neill) were married in Killaloe Roscrea in 1834. Their marriage regsitration on the Catholic parish records (NLI) identifies their sponsors were Michael Kennedy and Anne Quinlan.

Their daughter Catherine, my 2x great grandmother immigrated to Australia arriving on the Wallasea on September 27 1865. Her immigration record names her parents as Cornelius Maher and Judith Neal and indicates they were both dead. It also indicated she was going to her sister Mary Maher who was residing in Elizabeth St Sydney.

I believe Catherine was born in about 1841 but I have been unable to find a baptism record for her. She had a brother James, baptised in Moneygall parish on 8 June 1836, and a sister Mary, also baptised in the Moneygall parish on 10 Feb 1838. James Maher's baptism record indicates the family were living in Brocke??. I have taken this to be a shortened form of Brockernagh. The Griffiths Valuation for Brockernagh (1851) indicates their were 3 Maher families residing in the townland, Timothy, Daniel and William Maher. 

I am looking for information regarding Catherine's baptism (c 1841) as well as any information re the baptism and death of her parents' Cornelius Maher and Judith Neill. Also whether Catherine Maher had any other siblings?

I do have DNA matches with several people connecting me to the family of Timothy Maher born in 1814 in Dunkerrin (father Timothy Maher b 1785 and mother Ann Kennedy) as well as DNA matches connected to the family of Margaret Maher b 1809 Tipperary who married Michael Kinnally. I am wondering what the connection might be to Cornelius, Timothy and Margaret? Were they siblings? cousins? 

I realise that Dunkerrin is in County Offaly but is also very close to the Tipperary border, perhaps explaining why some of the records I have found are in Tipperary.

Any information to assist me would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you, Barbara McAlary


Thursday 13th May 2021, 03:41AM

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  • There was also an Ann Maher, baptized 10 Jan. 1835:


    Thursday 13th May 2021, 02:03PM
  • Barbara,
    If you go to RootsIreland, there are transcriptions for the baptisms of TWINS Catherine and Patrick Maher on 24-Mar-1840 in Dunkerrin. Parents: Con Maher and Judy Neill. You can see the actual register pages on
    I hope this helps.


    Thursday 13th May 2021, 02:09PM
  • local volunteers for Dunkerrin alerted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 13th May 2021, 04:35PM
  • HI Barbara

    My name is Dolores Whyte from Dunkerrin Parish, where your ancestors Cornelius Maher and Judith Neil (Neill/Neale) were living when their children were born, in the townland of Brockeragh (also spelt Brockernagh)


    As per your records

    i can confirm the following children were baptised in Dunkerrin Parish

    Anne     Bp 10/01/1835 (Sponsors John Meagher / Ann Neill)

    James  Bp 08/06/1836 (Sponsors Jim Meagther / Cath Dunphy)

    Mary  Bp 10/02/1838 (Sponsors Wm Neill / Eliza |Maher)

    Patrick Bp 24/03/1840 (Sponsors Wm Maher / Mary Corcoran)

    Catherine Pb 24/03/1840 (Sponsor Citty Halloran)  Catherine and Patrick were twins

    Unfortunately the records in Dunkerrin Parish start from 1820, and about the same date for Roscrea Parish where I could presume Judith Neill was from.   Roscrea town/Parish and Brockeragh are just a few miles apart, even theough they are different Parishes as well as Counties.

    I was unable to locate with any certainty death certificate for either Cornelius nor Judith, as they may have moved from Brockeragh at the time of their deaths.

    Civil records for births and marriages commenced in Ireland in 1864, so before that we are relying on Church Records.

    I am interested to hear about your DNA with people from the area.    The dates given are before records are recorded, so I would be interested to find out any names/families in the area that your DNA is showing matches to, if you want me to pursue this for you.

    There are no Maher families living in Brockeragh in the 1901 census, so the family either all emigrated/moved for work purposes or maybe you have an idea from your own family history where they may have gone to.

    I am sorry that I cannot be of any further help at this point, but please contact me any time on you do not wish to put up DNA matches on thsi site.

    Best regards

    Dolores Whyte

    Dunkerrin Offaly

    Thursday 13th May 2021, 08:11PM

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