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Hello–I'm looking for more information on the parents of my 2nd great-grandparents, Patrick Naughton (b. 1844-45) and Winfred Naughton nee Dunning. They were born in St Peter's Parish and had at least 4 daughters Hannah, Mary, Winifred and Catherine. Catherine "Katie" was born Feb 1873 and baptized in St. Peter's. Katie emigrated to the US (Fall River Massachusetts) with her parents c. 1890. She married in 1895 and died in 1908 after the birth of her daughter, Elizabeth, leaving behind six surving children, one of which I am descended from. Her father, Patrick, died in 1904 in Massachusetts.

All I've been able to find is that Patrick's father was possibly named Francis and his mother was Mary McDonnell. 

His wife, Winifred Dunning's parents may have also been named Winifred, or possibly Winifreda, and Patrick as well. They may have been born in the late 1820's. 

I visited Athlone several years ago, saw what was once the church where Katie was baptized, but I was unable to get any other information. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 



Sunday 15th Mar 2020, 08:54PM

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  • JAGC

    Sunday 15th Mar 2020, 09:12PM
  • JAGC:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and could not find a Patrick Naughton baptismal record with a mother Mary McDonnell. By the way, there were 81 Patrick Naghten/Norton baptismal records over the years in St. Peters parish.

    I had more success with Winifred Dunning. Below is the likely 1847 baptismal record for Winifred and an 1821 record which could be her mother.

    Roger McDonnell

    Name:Winifred DunningDate of Birth:20-Mar-1847
    Date of Baptism:
    Parish/District:ST PETERS ATHLONEGender:FemaleCountyCo. Roscommon
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:John DunningMother:Winifred NaughtenOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:James NaughtonSponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Brigid Dunning

    Name:Winifred DunningDate of Birth:20-May-1821
    Date of Baptism:
    Address:CloonarkParish/District:ST PETERS ATHLONEGender:FemaleCountyCo. Roscommon
    Denomination:Roman Catholic
    Father:William DunningMother:Winifred DunningOccupation:
    Sponsor 1 /
    Informant 1:Michael DunningSponsor 2 /
    Informant 2:Margaret Dunning

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 15th Mar 2020, 11:01PM
  • Some time ago I did research on a Patrick Naughten/Naughton/Naughtan and Winifred Dunning family form St. Peter's Parish, Athlone.  This Patrick and Winifred married in 1856 (which doesn't match your Patrick b. 1844-45).  They had the following children: Patrick 1858, Brigid 1860, Mary 1863, Margaret 1865, Hanora 1867, Winifred 1870 and Catherine 1872.

    As the names are very similar to your family, perhaps there is a link.  Naughton is a very common surname in St. Peter's parish.  Patrick married and had a family.  However, these parents, Winifred Naughten died 1894 and Patrick Naughton died 1913/14 at Thomastown, Drum, Athlone.  You are welcome to contact me at if need further clarification.


    Monday 27th Jul 2020, 06:45PM

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