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I'm trying to find information on my great grandfather James Elliott born in Tempo 1846 and my great grandmother Jane Anne Hopkins born in Newtownbutler 1849 that's all I have I would love some help please Thank you




Sunday 22nd Jan 2023, 12:52PM

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  • Cindi, - Free Site - has a record of the marriage of a James Elliott to Jane Hopkins in the parish Church of Galloon, Newtown Butler, Co. Fermanagh on June 19th 1878. Registrar's District - Clones James is recorded as being 32 years of age and Jane 29. Could this be the couple you are inquiring about? Regards,


    Sunday 22nd Jan 2023, 02:07PM
  • If the above couple are the correct ones then they had at least 2 children born in Ireland. William in Newtownbutler:…

    And James in Belfast:…

    I’d guess this may be Jane Hopkins sister’s marriage:…

    Hopkins family were evidently Church of Ireland and used Sallaghy and Newtownbutler (Galloon) churches. Those would be the records to search if looking for their baptisms. (Copies in PRONI). Sallaghy’s records start in 1857 and Galloon’s in 1798.

    A James Elliott was farming in Carrowkeel (Tempo) in the 1901 census:… Nearby was a Samuel Elliott who may be related:…

    James Elliott b 1869 to James Elliott & Anne Jane Elliott:…

    Parents married in 1867 in Enniskillen Church of Ireland:…

    Griffiths Valuation for c 1860 shows Thomas Elliott farming in Carrowkeel. He had plot 3 which was a 47 acre farm (substantial for Ireland).

    Probate of the Will of James Elliott late of Carrowkeel County Fermanagh Farmer who died 24 October 1902 granted at Armagh to Thomas Elliott Farmer.

    Above will is on-line on the PRONI wills site. It mentions various children and a court case regarding a farm in Tyralton held by the late Margaret Elliott.

    Elliott Thomas of Carrowkeel Tempo county Fermanagh farmer died 29 January 1935 Probate Londonderry 29 May to James Elliott farmer. Effects £80.

    Elliott James of Carrowkeel Tempo county Fermanagh farmer died 7 August 1951 at the County Hospital Enniskillen county Fermanagh Administration Londonderry 10 December to Katherine Elliott the widow. Effects £4442 10s. 11d.

    Above 2 probate files are in PRONI (in paper format. Not on-line).

    The Carrowkeel farm is on the modern Carrowkeel Rd and still looks to be a working farm today (judging by Google Earth).

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 22nd Jan 2023, 05:11PM
  • James and Jane arrived in the USA 1882. I have been unable to find information about their parents


    Monday 23rd Jan 2023, 05:58PM
  • Cindi,

    There are trees on Ancestry which list the Elliott & Hopkins families. I am not sure all the information on them is all that reliable, but the BCD tree shows James Elliott’s mother as Mary who died in Manchester on 15.12.1877. That seems a bit unlikely to me, for a farmer’s wife from Fermanagh, but you could contact the tree owner to see what evidence they have. The tree also shows Jane Hopkins father William dying in Newtownbutler in 1885 and his wife Elizabeth (Bessie) dying 20.11.1882 in Newtownbutler. The death for William looks accurate:…

    I don’t see a death for Elizabeth in 1882, though she evidently died before 1885 as William was a widower when he died. If she died before 1864 there won’t be a statutory death record as they only started that year. You might find her burial record in Galloon or Sallaghy Church of Ireland burial records but that might involve looking them up in PRONI. The records may not be on line.

    Death records for James Elliott senior from 1871 onwards are on-line free on the irishgenealogy site. I don’t see a death for him 1871 onwards. The records for 1864 – 1870 contain about 4 possible deaths (registered in Enniskillen) but they are pay to view so you would need to check them out on the GRONI website. £2.50 a time to view them.

    Griffiths Valuation for 1862 shows the one Elliott farm in Carrowkeel to be occupied by a Thomas Elliott. My view would be that James Elliott had died by 1862 and the farm passed to Thomas (presumably a close relative, a brother perhaps?). James was shown in the tithes in 1832 and again it was the only Elliott farm in Carrowkeel, so it looks to have passed to Thomas Elliott:…

    James Elliott’s burial might have been be in Enniskillen Church of Ireland burial records but they were destroyed in the 1922 fire in Dublin, so there is probably no record to find. Thomas Elliott died 19.2.1877 aged 79:…

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 23rd Jan 2023, 10:17PM

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