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Sarah Dorothy "Dora" Frazer was born in 1880 and was one of twelve children born to Alexander Frazer and Lizzie Moore. The Frazer's were a Church of Ireland family living in Carrownacully, Kilmacumsy. 

The information I have about Dora so far is in her irelandxo profile linked below:…

According to local stories, Dora was born with a gift for fortune telling. People came from far and wide to hear her predictions (which were widely believed and considered very accurate) and gave her gifts in return. This would have occurred during the early to mid 1900s I presume. 

Dora lived on her family farm for most of her life. Her parents died in the 1910s and 20s and she was joined by her brother Archie. The farm was eventually sold and they moved to Greatmeadow in Boyle. Dora died in 1963 in Boyle Hospital. 

I am hoping to hear from anyone who knew or has heard of Dora and knows further stories and information about her and her fortune telling practice. Any help is appreciated. 




Friday 28th May 2021, 11:35AM

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