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Hello, I would like to become an Irish citizen thru my ancestors. Of my 8 Great Grandparents - 6 were born in Ireland.  The other 2 - I have to go to 3rd Great Grandparents who were born in Ireland.   My DNA says that I am either 100% Irish or 97% Irish 3% Scottish.

If I could find birth records, birth certificates, baptismal records, or other on my relatives that would help my process. 

The most promising are : 1)  Maternal Great Great Grandfather Michael Coughlin (Born around 1812 - possibly on October 12th) in Clonakilty, Cork, Ireland (or possibly Kilgarriff) - wife was Mary Barnett (b. around 1810 in Ireland) . They married in Ireland around 1840 (unknown location).  They had 4 children born in Ireland : Michael Coughlin Jr. (My Great Grandfather - Possibly Born May 8, 1849 - died 1931 USA), Thomas (b 1844 - may have died young), Bridget (Aug 5, 1842 - died 1901 USA), Patrick (Born 1841 - 1914)                                                                                            It's possible Michael Sr. arrived in Boston, USA on or around November 24, 1848.

2) His son Michael Coughlin Jr. (my Great Grandfather) was born in Ireland on or around May 8th, 1849. (exact town unknown but thinking also the Clonakilty area.) Possible baptism in Rosscarbery on May 24th, 1849. He moved to USA, Boston area in or around 1857.

3) Great Grandmother Mary J Meade (Born in Ireland in 1862 according to her USA gravestone) Exact town of birth unknown but possibly Cork, or Cloyne or Mallow. In any event the Cork area. She immigrated to Boston area, USA sometime between 1872 to 1880 at a young age (10-13 yrs).                                                                                  There are possible records of her brother James Meade being baptized in Cloyne, or possibly Mallow, Ireland.            Mary J Meade married the above Michael Coughlin Jr. in USA in 1880 at the age of 18. It looks like her brother James lived in Clonakilty at one point as well. 

I am coming to Ireland from July 28th to August 12, 2023. I will be in the Cork area from August 3rd to August 7th.

Please let me know if I can meet with someone or if anyone can find information for me or where I might looks myself such as specific Catholic Churches, etc. 

Thank You! Michaela Kelly Hughes 


Monday 22nd May 2023, 01:45AM

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  • Hi Michaela!

    If you have not done so already, could you complete this form regarding your trip to Ireland.

    This link takes you to the Department of Foreign Affairs web site which describes the eligibility requirements for obtaining Irish citizenship. You need to have a grandparent who was born in Ireland.

    The free site (Church Record Tab) has the church records for parishes in the Diocese of Cork and Ross including Clonakilty and Roscarbery. I did locate the baptismal records for Michael Coughlane (May 24 1849) and Patrick Coghlan (February 25 1840) in Roscarbery RC parish.. These records were transcribed from the Roscarbery parish register

    In both cases, the mother's surname was shown as Barnane and the townland was shown as Froe in Ross civil parish.

    I did not locate a record for Bridget or Thomas.

    I did find a marriage record on November 27 1836 in Roscarbery for a Michael Coholane and Mary Barnane  See link to register   This record could be for your ancestors. Note witness Tim Barnane likely a brother.

    I looked for Mary Meade baptismal records in Mallow and Cloyne from 1857-1867 but did not find a record. Parents names would be helpful. As an aside, RC parishes in the north and east of Co. Cork are in the Diocese of Cloyne. These records are only found on subscription sites like Roots Ireland, and

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 22nd May 2023, 03:24PM

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