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Hello I'm Mary Tobin from Melbourne looking for information about my mother's side - Michael Cummins born 1791 in Co Lough who married Catherine Ward born 1791 in Drogheda. She died in 1875 in Geelong Victoria.   They both migrated to Australia. They had 5 children James 1816 - 1870. Michael 1821 - 1877. John Joseph born 1824 - 1884 ( MY GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER ) .Maria born 1856 and Patrick born 1875. Thanks for your help.  Regards, Mary Tobin

Mary from Melbourne

Monday 24th Jun 2019, 04:40AM

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  • Hi Mary, Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out, I am afraid not very successfully at this juncture. I searched Roots Ireland and could not find either baptism for Louth or Meath, there are Cummins and Ward baptisms at this time but not those names, St Peters Parish has records predating 1791 and they can be viewed here as I understand not everything was transcribed correctly. Here is the link, there is a gap from April 1795  to 1803 also St Marys is here but baptisms only start in 1835, this church was only built about that time replacing previous one elsewhere. St Marys is in Drogheda but covers Louth and Meath and is in the diocese of Meath whereas St Peters is north of the river Boyne in Louth but in Armagh diocese (Counties Armagh and Louth are in the diocese of Armagh) 

    The two graveyards were only opened in the early 1900s circa 1903 so your ancestors are probabaly buried in the Cord Cemetery which is closed to the public, it has been under going renovation for a number of years but I have not heard of it opening to the public as yet. I see there is one Cummins listed a buried there and the transcription is available if you wish, need to visit library, this site on Louth gives graves names from transcribed graveyards. St Peters Graveyard is transcribed here, this is much later though, 

    I only see 3 Ward / Cummins marriages in Ireland from 1820 to 1840 but Christian names not correct, however I did not check the actual records as they are in Wicklow and Tipperary.

    Church of Ireland records for St Peters Drogheda are free online if interested, this would be protestant.

    A little aside, there is a You Tube video named Ghosts of Drogheda, an enjoyable 9 minutes of old photo still to music, there is a Facebook page Drogheda Down Memory Lane Lost family, not totally active but active, there is a much more active Drogheda Down Memory Lane but mainly photos and a Louth genealogy page.

    You have another query asking about a graveyard but no location or probable location.

    While I live in Drogheda I am not a local and that is why the FB option might assist but you are at the edges of Irish records to discover more unless you get lucky. 

    Feel free to ask any follow ups or for information that I could provide.


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Monday 24th Jun 2019, 03:31PM

    Hi Pat, thank you.  I appreciate your comprehensive reply and the information about the Ghosts of Drgheda!  Yes I understand that this journey is a difficult one and I am only just beegining - I think after both parents die the urge to find about more about the family story becomes stronger.  Thank you again for your time. Regards, Mary


    Mary from Melbourne

    Thursday 27th Jun 2019, 06:13AM

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