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Hello there! 
Can you help me?


I am trying to track down 2 gravesites at Kilmacabea cemetary and have researched using the historic graves - kilmacabea website. This was no assistance to me.


On the records I have found there is no plot number on the county cork records of internments at kilmacabea and no plot is listed for the people I am looking for on the website. There is no headstone marking the plot for my two family members.


I am hoping to visit leap in the near future and visit the plots,  it would mean a lot to me to do so. 


I have a dream to mark the plots in memory of my uncle and grandfather. My relatives are still living at dromillihy, leap but do not/ have never known the burial sites. 


I would like to find my uncle John Collins who died aged 10 of meningitis on the 17.3.34 at Skibberean, buried 19.3.1934 (approximately). On the burial register, John is listed as #1 which makes me think he could be the first burial in the kilmacabea graveyard. 


I would like to find my grandfather: Cornelius (Con) Collins who died 22.12.39 at his home dromillihy of stomach cancer buried on the 24.12.1939. He is registered as 96th burial in the county cork records of interments at kilmacabea.


Are they buried together?

I would love to make contact with someone with some knowledge about this. 


Looking forward to hearing from anyone!


Carol Beach



Carol Beach

Tuesday 9th Apr 2019, 05:52AM

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  • Dear Carol:

    Many thanks for your post to the IReland Reaching Out message board.  We have a volunteer in the Skibbereen area who may be able to assist.

    I see that those names appear under the FindAGrave site and the link is here for your reference:

    Often, families marked the family plots with stones with the intention of later adding a monument.  This may be the case with your family.  Frank will be able to assist you with this information. 


    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Thursday 11th Apr 2019, 12:30PM
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    Hi Carol


    Here's wishing you a lovely trip over to us and hope you will enjoy your trip.

    See attached the enclosed which I found for you.


    Good luck with your research



    Clonpriest, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Friday 12th Apr 2019, 03:11PM
  • Hi Jane,

    Thanks so much for responding quickly. How do I contact Frank? Still trying to locate actual grave plot at Kilmacabea.







    Carol Beach

    Monday 15th Apr 2019, 01:10AM

    Good Morning Phyl,

    Thank you for the information that you forwarded. Do you have any idea how I can find the actual grave plot for John and Con Collins? Would love to be able to visit the actual site. Hope you’re not too cold over there! 



    Carol Beach

    Monday 15th Apr 2019, 01:12AM

    Easter Greetings Carol 


    Just received back some information for you. At one time the burial book was the possesion of a local person, usually the person opening graves, however, it now is in the hands of the local  Skibbereen County Council personell -  contact name is Mary Deacey, Skibbereen County Council who is off from work until next tuesday - work hours 9am - 2pm  contact number is:  028 21299. 

    Local Undertakers are:  Shanahan's - contact number is:028 33308  


    Hope this is of some help Carol




    Clonpriest, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 18th Apr 2019, 01:34PM
  • Good Morning Phyl,

    That’s great information. The registrar in the internment book was J. Deasy, different spelling to Mary but I wonder if they are related.

    I could contact Shanahan’s but I doubt they would have been involved in the burial as we were too poor. 

    Hope you’re enjoying fine weather for Easter. We are having an exceptionally warm Autumn. The weather is amazing.





    Carol Beach

    Friday 19th Apr 2019, 04:19AM


    Hello Carol,


    my email is:  


    Where are you - Australia ??

    Enjoy the lovely weather.




    Clonpriest, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Friday 19th Apr 2019, 02:13PM

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