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Mary Baker was born in 1814 and married a Jeremiah Kelly in Ruan in 1834. It's believed they lived with a relative, James Kelly, at Bealnalicka in Crusheen, Ruan Parish. The Bakers were tenants on James Kelly's land. Jeremiah Kelly's father, Timothy Kelly of Dysert disowned his son because of this marriage - but I don't know why. Jeremiah and Mary had four children: Honor 1838, Patrick 1839, Anne 1846 and James 1850 before departing with their children for Australia in 1852. 

I have no records of her mother or father, and she is the only three greats grandparent I have that I do not know the parents of, so I would like to find out. 

Kelly Baker

Sunday 4th Oct 2020, 06:48AM

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  • Hi Kelly:

    Thank you for your query.

    I think that the parishes that you are interested in are Ruan and Dysert.  I note that you mention Crusheen, but that is not part of Bealnalick as far as I'm aware.

    The Ruan parish registers are available online through the Clare Library website and the link for the Ruan civil parish resources is here:

    You will see that the parish registers do not go back as far as 1814, so that you won't find any baptism record for Mary, but you may find other information about  the Baker family that may be of relevance.  You might also check out the gravestone inscriptions in the parish as there may be information about them too.

    If you need further assistance, I know of several local volunteers who may be able to help.


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 5th Oct 2020, 01:35PM
  • Hi there, thanks for your reply. The baptisms are to recent to help going further back - the direction I want to go. But I did find James Kelly's baptism record. Interested that Crusheen is a different parish - must be a misunderstanding in my family records. The cemetery records had no Bakers at all. I suppose they were buried elsewhere. There are a lot of Bakers currently living in Crusheen. Perhaps that is where my Bakers originally came from and where they may be buried. I guess that branch of the family will have to stay a mystery.

    Kelly Baker

    Saturday 10th Oct 2020, 06:17AM
  • Hi:

    If you continue to look at the resources on the Clare Library website and view the gravestone records, you may find some information.  Let me know if I can help further.


    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 16th Oct 2020, 12:53PM
  • Hi Kelly,

    Hopefully this will help in your search for the Baker/Kelly family.

    The is a huge amount of information on a family website about Jeremiah Kelly and Mary Baker (&family) going to Australia. There is also a book. If you search for the following, you will see these links - 

    'jeremiah kelly bakers australia'

    As far as I am aware, Mary Baker was a sister to Edmund Baker (1811-22/01/1892), buried in Kiltolagh Graveyard. There were from Carhukeal Beg (Carrowkeel) in Inchicronan Parish (Crusheen)…

    Edmund Baker's father was Edmond Baker. He is mentioned as a 40s freeholder in Carhukealbeg in 1813 and again in 1817. I am not sure of his wife's name, still looking.…

    May I ask your connection to the Baker family. We are collating our own family tree (Bakers) at the moment. My mother's maiden name was Baker. 

    If I can be on any further assistance let me know. You can email me directly on

    Kind regards

    John Molloy

    John Molloy

    Tuesday 2nd Feb 2021, 09:55PM

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