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Hi all, I'm looking for details of Mary Flanagan before she was sent to Australia as an Orpan Girl when she was 17 on the vessel William & Mary. She was born in Bray/Wicklow in 1832 and died in Carcoar, NSW Australia in 1902.   She ma rried William Hazleton (Hazelton) when she was 18 and had 10 children. One of those was the father of the founders of Hazelton Airlines in Australia, Max and Jim Hazelton, which was sold to Ansett and subsequently REX Airlines.

Mary is part of a memorial to the Orphan Girls in Macquarie Place Sydney. 

I'm looking for the circumstances of her being put into a workhouse as a child by her parents, Dennis (? or William?) and Maria/Mary Botts.

All information gratefully received.

Great great granddaughter



Sunday 14th Mar 2021, 11:21PM

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  • Hi Kym, I have forwarded your query to one of our volunteers whom I hope will be able to offer some guidance.

    Best wishes, Denise, IrelandXO

    IrelandXO Moderator DC

    Tuesday 25th May 2021, 09:44PM
  • Hi Kym, our volunteer Shane has asked I share the following information with you.


    Mary Flanagan c1832 - I located a probable match for Mary in the assisted Passenger lists arriving New South Wales on the 'William & Mary' in 1849, Mary age 18 listed as the nursemaid, native place 'Wicklow, Co. Wicklow', Church of England, parents Dennis 'living in America' and Mary 'living in Wicklow' I would take the description of native place as meaning Wicklow town... the same format is used for others on the same page.

    There is a Mary Flanagan baptised 1832, the parents as named in the query, but this an RC baptism and in the town of Bray, not Wicklow town.. I'd be a little worried that this could be a case of 'circular' research' - if the information on place of birth and Mother's surname come from Australian sources then it would confirm the link to this Mary and family.  These orphan girls were usually selected from workhouses - for Bray this was Rathdown near Loughlinstown Co. Dublin (records on FMP), and workhouse for Wicklow town was Rathdrum.

    IrelandXO Moderator DC

    Wednesday 26th May 2021, 03:53PM
  • Hi Kym,
    Mary Flanagan was my 3rd great grandmother. Please feel free to look at my ancestery site for further info.
    Kelly McCarthy
    Esperance Western Australia

    Kelly McCarthy

    Saturday 5th Feb 2022, 11:35AM

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