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Our McKernan clan emigrated from Ireland (parts unknown) to the Salford, Manchester region of England in the early 1800’s. My great great grandfather John McKernan emigrated and married his wife Julia Lanigan in England. We “guestimate” that John was born about 1800 – 1805 but we don’t know where in Ireland. Julia was born in Moyne, County Tipperary, near March of 1815. They were married in Manchester in 1838. My great grandfather, Peter McKernan was born in England 3 March 1846 and we have good records of the family from then on.

All our Genealogy studies originate with Peter in England but my father’s notes state that his “great grandparents were born in Ireland and emigrated to England”. My brother and I spent three weeks in southern Ireland but only found distant relatives (from Nenagh and Tipperary) on my grandmother’s side (Purcell). On that trip, I learned that the greatest concentrations of McKernans today are mostly found in northern Ireland (Counties Fermanagh and Armagh) so I suspect John may have been born in the north. My next trip to Ireland will be next year and I need to find where to go to look for records.

I am seeking any assistance I can get in Ireland on the McKernan family tree, starting in the 1800’s. Any help would be much appreciated. I can be contacted directly at . My name is Dennis McKernan and I live in Olds, Alberta, Canada.

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Monday 21st Nov 2022, 11:02PM

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  • Dennis, Surname: MacKernan A variant usually of Kiernan in County Cavan and Fermanagh and occasionally of Kernaghan. KERNAGHAN - O Kernaghan. Now mainly found in Counties Armagh and Antrim. Source: The Surnames of Ireland by Dr Edward MacLysaght - 3rd Edition Revised and Corrected -1978. It would be advisable to get the names of Witnesses to the marriages and Sponsors for Baptism. The McKernan name can be found from Waterford to Antrim. Subscription site www.findmypast has a number of McKernan names late 1700's and early 1800's Regards,


    Friday 25th Nov 2022, 11:02AM
  • Dennis, There is a list of the surname "Kernan" in County Tipperary 1811 to 1829 on It appears that this name was established in various part of the County early 1800's. Many churches would not have records for that period. There was a baptism for a Catherine McKernon in Roscrea in 1797. Regards,


    Friday 25th Nov 2022, 10:53PM

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