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Seeking information re:

Michael Madden--son of Thomas Madden & Bridget O'Connor

BIRTH Aughrim, Galway, Ireland

DEATH 1853 • Aughrim, Galway, Ireland

4th great-grandfather


Margaret Bridget Silk--daughter of Patrick Silk & Bridget Griffin


BIRTH 1805 • Ireland

DEATH 1881 • Brookings, South Dakota, USA

I have Baptismal records for the 8 children of Michael & Margaret Madden in Clontuskert:

Bridget Madden 1834-1862

John Michael Madden 1840-1874 (my 3rd great-grandfather--baptized as Michael)

Anna Madden 1841-unknown

Margaret Madden 1843-unknown

Thomas C. Madden 1846-1916

Jacob Madden 1849-1854

Patrick Francis Madden 1850-1933

William Madden 1852-1931

I believe that Margaret Silk Madden emigrated from Ireland with most or all of her 8 children after her husband Michael Madden's death.  Please assist with any local records that might survive from the area.  Could you provide any research tips for additional school, parish, cemetary, will and probate or land records for this branch of the Madden family in Clontuskert?  Would there be a burial site for Michael Madden in Clontuskert or his parents, Thomas & Bridget Madden?

Thank you!

Emily Heaston



Monday 15th Jan 2018, 03:24AM

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  • Dear Emilly:

    Thank you for your query to the Ireland Reaching Out message board and welcome to the site.

    I have copied your post to several of our volunteers who may be able to assist you with local resources available for your search. 

    If you have any questions or need further assistance, please let me know.

    Thank you for your interest in Ireland Reaching Out and the very best of luck with your research.

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 16th Jan 2018, 05:07PM
  • Thank you, Jane!  Do you know how I might find more information about the cemetery(ies) near Aughrim?  I know that Michael Madden lived in Lisheennavannoge (Cloncarthy) and died there around 1853.

    What would the school in that area have been?  Did they keep records of their students?  

    Thank you,



    Wednesday 24th Jan 2018, 09:25PM
  • Hi Emily 

    Just returned from Ballinasloe yesterday and visited family and family graves in C!ontuskert Abbey. I had a great great grandfather Thomas Colohan who married a Bridget Madden 22 July 1855. Could this be the Bridget you mention?  




    Wednesday 28th Mar 2018, 11:33AM
  • Hi Jane,

    I have learned more about Michael Madden and Margaret Silk since I first posted.  We have learned that Michael Madden had a brother named John C. Madden who married Anne Woods--they were married and had children in Cappataggle.  We have a death certificate for him that lists their parents as Thomas Madden and Bridget--we do not know her maiden name and are unable to locate Thomas and Bridget Madden in records so far.  

    As for Margaret Silk, we know that she had a brother Patrick Silk who married Anne Carr.  In the 1851 Census, Patrick and Anne Carr Silk are living in Cartrondoogan, Kilconnell, Galway.  Margaret Silk and Patrick Silk's father is listed as the Head of Household and named John Silk.  We do not know the name of Margaret Silk's mother, but believe she died before the 1851 Census.  On John Silk's Census application, he lists his address as Mr. Michael Silke, Finisklin, Sligo.  I'm not familiar with some of the land holding practices.  Would this have been a relative of John Silk's that possibly owned the land that John, his son, daughter-in-law and grandson were living on?

    My cousin and I were also able to locate the marriage record for Michael Madden and Margaret (Mary) Silk thanks to the East Galway Family History Society.  They were married in Aughrim on 13 Jun 1833.  They had 8 children according to baptismal records from Clonfert/Clontuskert.  Some of the births also denote Lisheennavannoge as the place of residence.

    Griffith's Valuation also lists a Patrick Madden in Lisheennavannoge.  Would this be another brother to Michael Madden and John C. Madden; son to Thomas Madden and Bridget?

    Michael Madden and Margaret Silk Madden's youngest child, William Madden, was born 10 May 1852 and baptized 17 May 1852.  This is the last record that we have of his father, Michael Madden.  The next record we have of our family is an immigration record for Margaret Silk Madden and her 3 youngest sons leaving Ireland through Liverpool to Boston, MA on 21 Oct 1853.  We believe Margaret Silk Madden was widowed before leaving Ireland and she joined the rest of her children and other relatives in Hopkinton, MA.  The family all appear in records in Hopkinton, except their father Michael Madden.  We are able to trace where each of the children lived, died and were buried after their immigration.  

    We do know that Michael Madden and Margaret Silk Madden were connected to other Maddens in Cappataggle and that there were 3 marriages between the Madden and Woods families in that area.  We are able to confirm these connections through records and DNA.  Could you provide more background on Lisheennavannoge?  It looks to be about 6-7 miles from Cappataggle where the Maddens lived and about 12 miles from Cartrondoogan where the Silks lived.  Lisheennavannoge is also about 4-5 miles from Clontuskert where the baptismal records are for Michael and Margaret's children.  When I plot all of these townlands on the map, it looks to be about a 16.5 mile area--would this have been a considerable distance for this family living in the early to mid-1800s?  My cousin and I are trying to understand our family's movement in the area and maybe what churches they would have attended?  

    Can you offer any advice for how we might learn more about Margaret and Michael's mothers?  

    Thank you,



    Friday 22nd Mar 2019, 05:24AM
  • Hi,  I am posting about Thomas Colahan and Bridget Madden.

    My direct ancestor are Thomas Colahan and Bridget Madden married 22 Jul 1855 in Clontuskert.   Children Mary, John, Ellen, and James.  Mary  born in 1860 is my direct ancestor.  They were born in Kiltormer or nearby.  Mary and Ellen and James immigrated to the US as adults.   Bridget has a brother named Danby(?) Madden, 


    There is another marriage between a Thomas Colahan and Bridget Tierney  in 1873 in CLontuskert, and I have seen family trees that included children both mariiages as one family, but I believe they are 2 separate Thomas Colahans.    This Thomas and Bridget's children are Bridget, Margaret, Martin, Honoria, Catherine, Michael and Anne,  I am not aware of a Patrick Colahan or John in this family.    

    I am unsure of Bridget Madden's birth, there were 3 listed for the area, but from the information provided it appears that  Bridget Madden was not  the child of Michael and Margaret Silke.   

    Thanks for posting the information and best luck in finding the answers. 

    Kathy Meehan Anderson





    Wednesday 22nd Jan 2020, 05:32AM

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