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I will be visiting county Kerry this coming March end, start of April. I'm interested in anything and everything related to my grandmother's family, the children of Edmund Mahony (b. 1838) and Mary Hogan (b. 1849). Edmund appears to have been born in Castleisland and their children in West Camp.

Family tree from what I can determine:

Mahony clan from Castleisland, Camp


Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023, 09:56PM

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  • Hello,

    Edmund and Mary's marriage record (from rootsireland) follows:



    Parish / District: CASTLEISLAND, Co. Kerry

    Edmond Mahony of Camp married Mary Hogan of Castleisland

    both RC

    Husband's Father: James Mahony

    Wife's Father:John Hogan


    Nicholas Loughlin, Martin Hogan



    Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023, 10:44PM

    RootsIreland shows church baptisms for six daughters of Mary and Edmund:

    Mahony               Johanna               1874      Co. Kerry            

    Mahoney             Catherine            1875      Co. Kerry            

    O'Mahoney         Hanora  1877      Co. Kerry            

    O'Mahony           Margaret             1878      Co. Kerry            

    Mahoney             Lucy       1880      Co. Kerry            

    Mahony               Ann        1888      Co. Kerry            

    You can see the registers at RootsIreland.

    You can see the civil birth records (free) at


    Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023, 10:50PM
  • Found four other children:


    Mahoney             James    1881      Co. Kerry            

    Mahony               John       1883      Co. Kerry            

    Mahony               Mary      1884      Co. Kerry            

    Mahony               Helen Agnes        1886      Co. Kerry            


    Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023, 10:52PM
  • This is likely the baptismal record for Mary Hogan:


    Mary Hogan




    Co. Kerry

    Roman Catholic

    Father:John Hogan

    Mother:Joanna Kelliher

    Sponsor 1 Daniel O'Keeffe
    Sponsor 2 Ellen Kennedy


    Wednesday 22nd Nov 2023, 11:04PM
  • If you have not done so already, please complete this form regarding your trip to Ireland next spring. Thanks!


    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 23rd Nov 2023, 12:56PM
  • Hi there,

    I am 3/8ths Castleisland! I have Loughlins and O'Connors in my tree, tey might be tangentally related to your crew by the looks of it. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.




    J O'Sullivan, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Monday 4th Dec 2023, 10:55PM
  • Hello,

    Thanks Patricia! Yes, John Hogan and Joanna Kelliher were Mary's parents. They married 29/02/1840 in Castleisland and had a pub/grocers on Main St., Castleisland. They had at least five children; Denis b 1845, John b 1846, Mary (who married Edmund Mahony) b 1848, James b 1851 and Maurice b 1857. When John died in 1871, Joanna ran the business and is mentioned in Slater's Directory 1881 as being a grocer/spirit merchant. She died in 1900.

    James Mahony married Mary Lombard 26/01/1839 in Killeentierna. She was from Clidaun/Cliddaun. They had at least 6 children: Edmund (who married Mary Hogan) b 1838, John b 1844, Bryan b 1850, Martin b 1851, James J. (who married Mary Daly of Currans) b c1854 and Hanora b 1856. Edmund got land in Camp West and James J. in Camp East.

    Edmund and Mary Hogan had at least 10 children. Edmund died in 1906 and Mary in 1908. The farm in Camp West went to their son James E. who married Nora E. O'Conner from nearby Knockeen. They had at least 7 children with the farm being passed on to their son Johnny, who had 2 children. 

    The land in Camp East was divided between James J. and Mary Daly's sons Ned and Martin. A descendant of Martin's now owns that farm.

    I hope this helps,

    Joan Holland

    Joan Holland, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 4th Jan 2024, 08:52PM
  • Wonderful info! Joan Holland, amazing detail, precious and dear. I'd love to contact the current generation land owner if possible. 


    Thanks all for great info!



    Saturday 6th Jan 2024, 11:50PM
  • Hi Larry,

    According to the Tithe Applotments, there were no O'Mahonys in Camp in 1827. However Martin and Denis Mahony were leasing land in nearby Knockeen at the time. In Griffith's Valuations, around 1850, James Mahony was leasing 100 acres in Camp East . Regarding Cliddaun/Clydane, John Lombard was leasing an equivalent amount of land there at the time of the Tithe Applotments and also during Griffith's Valuations.

    I don't know the current owner of the farm in Camp I'm afraid. However, I do know a son of Ned O'Mahony who is now 89 years old ("The land in Camp East was divided between James J. and Mary Daly's sons Ned and Martin"). He grew up in Camp and has a lot of knowledge of the extended family and the area. He now lives in Tralee and is willing to meet you when you visit Kerry. I myself am planning a trip away in the Spring and may not be here when you visit. However, I can arrange a meeting for you with this man and leave my research with him to give you when you arrive.

    What dates do you plan to be in Kerry and I will see if I can facilitate this?

    Every good wish,


    Joan Holland, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 19th Jan 2024, 09:31PM
  • Thanks for the great follow through. This group is superb!

    We will be arriving in Dublin on Thursday 28 March around 5:30 PM. Our departure is Tuesday 2 April. We've made no commitments to events on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday until we've determined when/if a County Kerry meet up is available, so any day and time in that range is fine.

    Our plan is to use public transportation in Ireland (I'm am confessing as a creature of habit American right hand side of the road driver), so we would be looking for train or bus to an appropriate Kerry depot, then cab, Uber, or other local transport. Once we determine if anyone is available on such a bad weekend for disruption, we'll explore transportation options. 

    Again, thanks so much for your kind support.



    Thursday 25th Jan 2024, 09:49PM
  • Hi Larry,

    I will be speaking to the O'Mahony gentleman this week to check his availability for that weekend. I will let you know as soon as I can get confirmation from him.

    Kind Regards,


    Joan Holland, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 28th Jan 2024, 10:05PM
  • Hi Larry,

    We will be able to meet you Saturday 30 March. Earlier in the day would work best for us as family are visiting over the Easter break. There are trains from Dublin Heuston to Tralee Casement taking four hours. Morning departures from Dublin are at 7:00am, 9:00am and 11:00am. I can meet you at Tralee Station and take you to Mr. O'Mahony's house. I hope this fits in with your itinerary.

    Kind Regards,



    Joan Holland, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 4th Feb 2024, 09:34PM
  • Saturday would be fine to meet you and Mr. O'Mahoney. We can take the 7 AM departure, or if you prefer we could travel the night before and seek out an Inn to ensure earlier times meet your family commitments. 

    We are most blessed to have your follow through for our plans.



    Monday 5th Feb 2024, 09:24PM
  • Afternoon Larry,

    Thank you. I think it might be a good idea to travel down the evening before. I could meet you later that evening and go through my research, particularly of the Edmund Mahony and Mary Hogan branch with you.  We could then meet Mr. O'Mahony (who is from the James J. and Mary Daly branch) early Saturday morning and show you where Camp is. I will leave it up to you to decide what suits you best.


    Kind Regards,


    Joan Holland, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 8th Feb 2024, 03:15PM
  • We'll plan on traveling the afternoon before. I'll find a place to stay in Tralee upon arrival, and would happily meet with you that evening!

    We'd like to bring some small tokens of appreciation for Mr. O'Mahony and you if you can offer any input about what would be appropriate.  We are so grateful for your help and the discovery about our family awaiting us.




    Friday 9th Feb 2024, 03:18AM
  • We've booked rail passage on Friday with departure from Heuston at 1300. We have a room at Benners Hotel near Casement Station for Friday evening. It would be a pleasure to meet you, Joan, for dinner or thereafter as your availabilty permits.

    Best regards,


    Friday 9th Feb 2024, 06:46PM
  • Hi Larry,

    Looking forward to meeting you on the Friday evening when you have settled into Benner's Hotel, which is only down the street from me! We can arrange a time to meet that suits us both nearer the date.

    Many thanks for your kind offer to get Mr O'Mahony and I a little gift. Perhaps you might treat us to lunch when we're out and about on the Saturday?

    Kind regards,


    Joan Holland, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 14th Feb 2024, 03:40PM

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