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Mahony family from Carriagholt, Co. Clare

Looking for information on the Mahony family from either Moveen, Clare or Carrigholt, Clare.  Not sure if Moveen is a townland or a parish.  Have both name as the place from which the family came.

Father- Patrick or Bernard Mahony - no information on his parents

Mother -Mary Collins--her parent are Lawrence or Malachy Collins and Mary McInernery

11 Children-- Bridget, Mary, Anne, Catherine, Margaret, Ellen,Jane, Honora, Bernard, Thomas and Edmund.  Not is age order.

All the children emigrated to Chicago, Il. except Bernard who remained in Ireland.  Mary Collins emigrated with the two youngest daughters Jane and Nora in 1893.  Listed as a wife on passenger list but her husband never emigrated.  Nora was my grandmother .

Any information about the father or the son, Bernard who stayed in Ireland would be greatly appreciated.  Planning on traveling to Ireland next spring (2017) and would like to visit the area where my grandmother was born.

Thanks, Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen

Monday 11th July 2016, 03:26AM

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  • Mary Ellen:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    There are two townlands (Moveen East and Moveen West) in Moyarta civil parish in southwest Co. Clare. The corresponding RC parish is Carrigaholt. We have two parish liaisons for Moyarta parish and I will contact them to alert them to your message. If you have not heard back in five days or so, let me know.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Monday 11th July 2016, 04:37PM
  • Hi Mary Ellen

    My own grandmother was also born in the townland of Moveen West, about five farms away from the Mahony farm, and about 10 years after your grandmother.

    I haven't seen the marriage certificate corresponding to this index entry:
    Party 1 Name    BERNARD MAHONY
    Party 2 Name    BRIDGET MAHON
    Date of Event    10 February 1888
    Group Registration ID    2449760
    SR District/Reg Area    Kilrush

    The full record should be consulted to confirm that Bernard's father's name is given as Patrick.

    I have written a guide to Irish civil registration at

    The census returns for the Mahony family are at

    It looks like Bernard and Bridget had an only surviving son, Thomas, who inherited the farm.

    Thomas died in 1980 and you will find a transcription of his tombstone inscription at

    Thomas had a large family and was succeeded by his son Joe, who died in 2014, leaving three sons.  Joe's death notice is at

    One of Joe's sons died in a drowning accident just a few months after his father's death.  As far as I know, one of the surviving sons represents the fifth generation of the family to run the farm.

    I recently came across an mecarroll75 who is an AncestryDNA match to a probable cousin of mine and is also a granddaughter of Honora Marie Mahony of the Moveen West family.  Is this you or your first cousin?  I guess it's probably your first cousin, as her family tree names the parents of Mary Collins's husband which you don't know.  I strongly recommend copying your or your cousin's DNA data to and providing your GEDmatch kit number here in order to enable potential relatives to compare DNA.

    As you have probably seen at
    there is an extensively annotated transcription of the parish baptismal register at
    in which you should find the later children of Patrick Mahony and Mary Collins.  I suspect that some may be mistranscribed, so search for "Mary Collins" and use your own judgement after checking the originals at

    Bernard and other older children may have been born before the start of the surviving register.

    Records at the Valuation Office in Dublin (not yet digitised) show that in 1858, Patrick Mahony replaced Denis McInerney, possibly related to his mother-in-law, as occupier of the present Mahoney farm in Moveen West.  So you will find different addresses in the baptismal register for the children born before 1858.

    Here are some map links to the farm:,483819,656000,12,9

    To learn more about life in Moveen, I strongly recommend that you read the works of the writer and poet Thomas Lynch.

    Between the birth of Nora in 1874 and her emigration in 1893, there are about half a dozen Pat* Mahony deaths registered in Kilrush, any of which might be your greatgrandfather.  You will have to order photocopies of the records (EUR4 each) to find out which of them was from Moveen West.

    Let me know when you fix the date of your visit to Moveen and I will try to arrange for someone to meet you.

    Best wishes

    Paddy Waldron
    Volunteer parish administrator
    Moyarta, co. Clare
    Ireland Reaching Out

    Paddy Waldron

    Monday 11th July 2016, 09:15PM
  • Hi Paddy,  Thank you so much for all the information you have sent.  I have been away from my genealogy project for a few weeks so I am just now going through the web sites and maps you sent.  I hope to visit Ireland in May of 2017.  When I have an exact date I will let you know as I would love to see where my grandmother's family lives.  Mary Ellen Carroll.


    Mary Ellen

    Thursday 11th August 2016, 02:02AM
  • Glad to be of assistance.

    Paddy Waldron

    Thursday 11th August 2016, 10:28PM
  • Hi Mary Ellen


    Two bits of good news today:

    1. the marriage and death records which I advised you to purchase should be available online from next week: see

    2. There is a descendant of Patrick Mahony and Mary Collins at with kit number A228530.  Is this you or a cousin?



    Paddy Waldron

    Wednesday 31st August 2016, 11:15PM

    Hi Paddy,  Thanks you the news about the records coming on line. That was a wonderful surprise this morning.

    I also realized when reading my responses to you that I never answered your question.. I am mecarroll75 on Ancestry and I recently posted my DNA information on GEDMatch.  My kit number is A 228530.

    When I originally posted information about this branch of my family, I confused my maternal ggrandparents (Mahonys) with my paternal ggrandparents (McGourtys from Leitrim).  So the mecarroll75 on Ancestry is me as well as the kit on GEDMatch.  All of my greatgrandparents are from Ireland- -Clare, Mayo, Leitrim and Limerick. I sometimes get them mixed up when I try to discuss this without lookimg at the family tree. 

    Thanks again for you help,

    Mary Ellen


    Mary Ellen

    Thursday 1st September 2016, 05:57PM
  • June 1, 2017

    Thank You, Thank you!

    Paddy, Just wanted to thank you for all the time you took with me on Friday, May 26th.  It was more than I expected or even thought possible.  Please give my sincere thanks to Vincent Mahony and Michael O'Connell for the time they gave me.  Also. Joe O'Shea and Timmy Carmondy. (I hope I have all the names correct!).  Meeting cousins was the highlight of my wonderful trip. Everyone at home was excited to learn that we had cousins in Ireland. 

    I hope to follow up on the information you helped me gather and when I do, I would like to emaiI it to you so I can be sure I got all the names and dates correct. Thanks again for your help.  It was wonderful.

    Mary Ellen Carroll


    Mary Ellen

    Thursday 1st June 2017, 04:56PM
  • It was a pleasure to show you around.

    There is no N in Carmody.

    Keep in touch.



    Paddy Waldron

    Friday 2nd June 2017, 04:30PM