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My great-grandparents, Jeremiah Malone and Margaret née Riordan (from Ballylanders Parish) brought up their family of eight children in Ballinadrideen, Ballyhea Parish. Margaret died in Ballinadrideen in 1904, and Jeremiah died in 1906. Their son Maurice was still resident in Ballinadrideen when he died in 1955, aged 86 years old.

I have looked in the Old Ballyhay graveyard inscriptions (via Historic Graves online) to see if I was able to find where they were buried, but without success. There was another earlier Malone family in the area, and both had a "Maurice" in the children, but at this stage I am not sure if/how they were related. A couple of the earlier Malone headstones have been transcribed, and other names from the Ballinadrideen area appear on headstones (Brassill, Casey Culhane etc.)
I also wondered if they might be buried in the Ballylanders cemetery, Ladywell, since Margaret was born there, and the couple married there, but I couldn't find a headstone there either.

I was starting to think that my Malone family might not be buried in the Ballyhay cemetery, but this morning Tara Frugalone very kindly sent me a newspaper article about the death in Rathkeale in 1940 (31 March), of Breeda (Bridget) Malone, a grandchild of Jeremiah and Margaret, and daughter of their youngest son Jeremiah. In the article it says that: "The funeral, which was large and representative, took place to the family burial plot, Ballyhea, Co Cork, on Monday." So it looks like members of my Malone family are definitely buried in Ballyhay.

I am guessing at this stage, that perhaps their headstone, if they had one, isn't legible. I am also guessing that other records of where they might be buried in the Old Ballyhay Cemetery possibly don't exist, although I would appreciate knowing if there is somewhere I could find more information. I am also wondering if there is any other burial ground in Ballyhay where they might be interred?

I am hoping that I will still get to Ireland in a few years time, but perhaps I, or a younger relative in the future, will just have to stand in the Ballyhay Cemetery and know that somewhere within, our Malone ancestors are buried.

Margaret Riordan

New Zealand


Tuesday 27th Apr 2021, 12:14AM

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  • Hi Margaret,

    Why not write to the church in Ballyhea or the local historical society in the area? They might be able to help and even take a photo for you.

    I hope this is helpful.


    Tuesday 27th Apr 2021, 01:46PM
  • Local partner notified, awaiting a response. Denise IrelandXO

    IrelandXO Moderator DC

    Thursday 13th May 2021, 01:53PM
  • Hi Margaret, 

    I have contacts in Ballyhea and with local heritage societies. Hopefully someone will be able to give you some more information. Would you mind giving me an email on and I'll put you in touch? 




    David Whyte, IrelandXO l Ballyhoura Development

    Monday 17th May 2021, 10:05AM

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