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I was hoping that someone could assist. I believe my great, great grandfather and mother were married in Castlebar in 1835.

George Mason born Circa 1805, we believe his father is also named George and thats all we know.

Married Jane Copeland born Circa 1810, father named John and mother Bridget. 

They moved to Australia sometime after their marriage, and had a son named George in Circa 1850. We do no know if there are other siblings or if any of them were born prior to arriving in Australia, therefore assuming or hoping that there are birth records that may provide more details.  

Any assistance will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. 


Tuesday 16th Nov 2021, 02:20AM

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  • Hi Andrew

    George Mason married Jane Copeland on 29 Jan 1833 in the Roman Catholic parish of Aglish. (So you may also want to join the IrelandXO Aglish community as well). Their witnesses were M. Semple & Mary Tresham.

    His occupation was recorded as "SOLDIER 27TH REGT".  – the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot.

    So if you add him to our Ancestors Roll-Call for Castlebar, Aglish and Longford (see below) be sure to tick the Special Group Military Ancestors box. Also, link him to the Castlebar Military Barracks building to discover more.

    As for children, the only record showing up (in Ireland) places them in Longford in 1850:

    George Mason Jr baptised 08-May-1850.

    Parents George Mason & Joanna Copeland.

    Godparents: Thomas O'Neil & Esther Bellews

    One of the reasons no other children turn up on record here could be that between 1837 and 1847 the 27th Regiment was engaged in several of the Xhosa Wars in South Africa.

    You might want to check for military records at Kew Gardens. See also

    Jane and George do not turn up on any records in Co. Mayo or Longford as parents, godparents or witnesses.

    Hope this helps!

    On an aside, the only Copeland on record in Co. Mayo turns up once (in the RC Parish of Aglish)...

    Samuel Copeland & Julia Williams (m. 1845 in Clones, Co. Monaghan) were residing at Mount Gordon Castlebar when they baptised Mary Copeland on 14-Dec-1857.Godparents: Michael & Mary Gallagher. Copeland was a soldier in the 47th regiment. 


    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Tuesday 16th Nov 2021, 06:36AM
  • Thank you very much,

    I absolutely appreciate you support on this. This is such a great outcome and hopefully with this information we can find some more details on our family, hoping that it points us to his father and beyond.

    I have joined IrelandXO Aglish community and will add them to the Ancestors Roll-Call.

    A further question relating to George Mason Jr, it says that the mother is Joanna, not Jane. Could this be an error or is it likely that the original record was read incorrectly. 



    Tuesday 16th Nov 2021, 12:44PM
  • Hi Andrew

    Glad these findings give you a headstart.

    Many RC parish records were written in Latin in this days and Joanna was a Latin version of Jane.

    You can be confident that this baptismal record is them I think. And that they were stationed at Longford Barracks at that time.

    Have you tried family for baptismal records worldwide? They could have been overseas before that.

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 17th Nov 2021, 05:18AM

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