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My wife's G-Grandfather was Laurence green, a Catholic born in Drogheda in 1861.  His baptism was 25 Aug 1861 in St. Peter's and the record lists his parents as John Green and Mary Mullen.  John and Mary had two other children: Rose (1859) and Bridget (1863).  I've been unable to locate any information for John and Mary's wedding which i assume was also in St. Peter's.  I've been looking on Findmtpast and Ancestry.  Does anyone have suggestions as to where else I can search?  Thanks.



Tuesday 16th Oct 2018, 06:44PM

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  • Hi Kevin, I searched on Roots ireland to no avail and assume the marriage may have taken place in St Mary's parish in the diocese of Meath which includes south Drogheda, it would be normal for the marriage to take place in the brides parish, St Marys records for marriages only start in 1871 for some reason, the church opened circa 1820 and I would assume there were records that are lost as the baptisms start much earlier on the NLI site.

    South of the river Boyne the geographic region of south Drogheda meanders along the Meath border but the diocese comes up to the river Boyne. 

    Some years back there was a book published on the history of Drogheda by a Ted Greene, and there was also a furniture shop by the name of Greenes which closed a few years ago so the names are still about.

    This site might interest you

    I also searched for land owned or leased by a Mullen and found a Lawrence Mullen as a landlord to a Finnegan lady in Bryanstown, Co. Meath, this is in St Marys Parish and is the townland along the Meath Louth border, mind you there is no record of him living here, there is also a Lawrence Mullen renting land in Slane in Meath and in 1850 also in griffiths there is a Lawrence Mullen living in Ranelagh, Dublin, no idea about then but an expensive place now just south of Dublin centre. See 

    It amy be that the Mullen lady was living in the Bryanstown area at the time of marriage, sounds possible but I am unable to stand it up with a paper trail.

    See… For interest sake there is a Facebook page, Drogheda Down Memory Lane - Lost Family and a sister page Drogehda Down Memory Lane, both are private but ask to join.

    There is a lovely series of old Drogheda photos set to music on You Tube called Ghosts of Drogheda, about 9 minutes long but very enjoyable.

    If you think there is any other queries let me know and I will see what I can find. I live in St Mary's very close to Bryanstown.


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Tuesday 16th Oct 2018, 08:31PM
  • Hi Pat:

    Thank you for the wonderful information.  My wife & I will definitely check out the sites.  We live in the USA near Boston and are unfamiliar with your area but hope someday to visit, along with the other places our grandparents called home long ago.

    And thanks for the offer to help.  Tracing family in Ireland is a real adventure!




    Wednesday 17th Oct 2018, 06:36PM

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