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I would love to find the marriage record of John O'Gorman (farmer) and Bridget Cassidy probably in County Clare in the late 1820's.  Bridget is the daughter of Stephen Cassidy.

Two of their daughters, Mary Ann and Bridget, left for Sydney Australia in 1849 as part of the Earl Grey Scheme on the ship "Thomas Arbuthnot".  They had been in the Ennis Workhouse prior to leaving Ireland.

Any suggestions on how to find out more about this family, would be greatly appreciated.


Thursday 31st Mar 2022, 03:22AM

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  • I see a probable baptism match for one of the children in Kilmaley Catholic parish in 1830 - could the date fit for for your Mary (Ann) ?

    Mary OGorman to Jno (John) OGorman & Bridget Cassedy - August 1830,  the exact date is obscured in the page gutter. The record is top of the right hand page - see this link (NLI RC Register images). 

    I didn't spot a likely baptism for Bridget jnr. but might be worth a closer look through the registers - some of the pages are quite difficult to read.

    The parish of Kilmaley is immediately west of Drumclift, which is the Catholic parish for Ennis.

    Unfortunately no Catholic marriage records seem to be available for the parish of Kilmaley, so there may be no record for John and Bridget's marriage

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 31st Mar 2022, 04:10PM
  • Update - I located some Catholic marriage transcripts for Kilmaley RC parish on RootsIreland, but unfortunately no match for your John and Bridget - earliest marriage record for the parish  seems to be about 1830 or 1829 so possibly they dont go back far enough.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 31st Mar 2022, 04:18PM
  • Thank you for your reply and the searching you did on my behalf - greatly appreciated.  Yes I do have a copy of Mary Ann's baptism and, as you suggest, it's not all that easy to read.  It was really information about the parents marriage that I was after but not looking too promising if records are not available.  My only hope would be connecting with a family member who would know the history.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough information about John and Bridget to even begin looking for relatives.


    Friday 1st Apr 2022, 03:06AM

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