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My second great grandfather Martin Lally was born in Galway, possibly in Athenry, as his sister, Mary, listed that as her birthplace.

Martin married Mary Hopkins, who was said to originally be from County Mayo. Martin’s parents were William Lally, an agricultural laborer, and Barbara Welch. Martin and older brother, John, both traveled to England and were both married their wives in the same West Bromwich Church (not on the same day). Martin’s family would leave for the US in the mid-1850s. Only one of Martin’s children was born in Manchester, England (death certificate is source). This child, Mary, born in 1857, appears to have stayed in England while the rest of the family went to the US. She rejoined the family in Kentucky in 1859.

Martin’s brother John, and family journeyed to the US around 1883 and lived in Los Angeles, where his brother was now living.

Martin’s daughter, Margaret, born in Kentucky, would marry John Daniel Cavanaugh at St. Peter’s Church in San Francisco, California. They lived in the Los Angeles area for the rest of their lives.

I am looking forward to visiting beautiful Galway in the Spring of 2024.


Thursday 30th Nov 2023, 01:02AM

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  • ChrisCav:

    If you have not done so already, could you complete this form regarding your trip to Ireland next spring? Thanks!

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland for all of Ireland and did not find a baptismal record for a Martin Lally with father William around 1832. If Martin was from Athenry, records would not be available in 1832. Records for that parish start in 1858.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 30th Nov 2023, 03:54PM
  • Thank you, Roger,

    Thank you for looking for the baptismal record. The sister was only 2 years older than Martin, but it is possible the family relocated by the time Martin was born.

    I did fill out a meet and greet form on Nov. 10 for an Athenry, Galway visit with my dates (as well as one for Urlingford for the other side of the family) and a message came up saying I would be contacted in about a week. I am wondering if the form did not go through?

    Chris Spiller


    Thursday 30th Nov 2023, 11:41PM
  • My great grandfather Patrick Ryan c1829 C Galway was  in Walsall by 1851. Whilst looking through newspaper  records,  I noticed an article about a John LALLY in the adjoining town Wednesbury which also adjoins West Bromwich  
    The article was in the Birmingham Daily Post 10 September 1884. It’s about a  charge of assault!
    I’ve found a lot of these in the mid to late 1800s involving Irish residents and possibly ancestors of mine! I wonder if John could he a relative? 
    All the best


    Saturday 2nd Dec 2023, 07:35AM
  • Chris:

    I'm sure the form went thru. We don't have volunteers in all parishes but likely our Administrator is waiting until after the first of the year to sort all of the early 2024 visit requests.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 2nd Dec 2023, 12:26PM
  • Thank you, Roger. 


    Monday 4th Dec 2023, 08:49PM
  • Hi Jane,

    Thanks for your note. I am pretty sure that the John Lally you found the article about is my second great grandfather's Martin's brother. He was in Wednesbury, but he jumped around a bit judging from the birth of his children. In 1854, his son was born in Wednesbury, but the next child was born in 1855 in Warrington Lancashire. In 1858-1861 he was in Bilston, Staffordshire. Then he returned to Warrington by 1881. The next record I have of him is in Los Angeles in 1883-1884. According to a family history done by a great Uncle of a cousin I "met" online, there was coal mining in the area which drew a lot of the Irish workers.


    Monday 4th Dec 2023, 09:05PM
  • Chris, I’m on the East Galway genealogy and DNA   FB group and the Mayo Genealogy FB group.  It’s Jane Ryan. If you want me to get you a copy of the article, let me know. 


    Tuesday 5th Dec 2023, 05:07PM
  • Hi Jane, I will check out the FB group. I would love to have a copy of the article, thank you.


    Thursday 7th Dec 2023, 08:21PM

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