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I am trying to find some more info about Martyn(Galway) and McKelwee(Roscommon, Sligo)

Also looking for any link to Humanity Dick.

Martyn Family

Christopher Martyn (d 1838 Nunns Island Galway), Lowpark Court, Galway.

He was possibly married to Catherine(last name unknown) who died at Charlemont St, Portobello, Dublin 30 Jan 1849. Death notice in the Daily News.

From Newspaper clippings, it would appear that Christopher had the following children:

  1. Matthew Joseph Martyn.
  2. Catherine Theresa Martyn m(1849) Edward McDermott(civil Engineer).
  3. Jane Martyn m Dr Robert McKelwee(apothecarist, Sligo)) my GGGgrandparents.
  4. Sarah Agnes Martyn(into Richmond Presentation Sisters 1849.)
  5. Belinda Martyn d 29 Aug 1841 Seville Place, Dublin.

(There may also be a Marianne Martyn m George Commyn Kenney, except that the newspapers list her father as Christopher Bernard Martyn of Eyrecourt, Galway, so I don't think he is the same as the Christopher above).

  1. Matthew Joseph Martyn was a Barrister and was educated at Trinty College, Dublin. He was accepted into Grays Inn 1841. He is listed as the only son of Christopher Martyn, Low Park House, Galway. He appears to have written assessments: "A SUMMARY DIGEST OF THE MOST MATERIAL PORTIONS OF THE EVIDENCE TAKEN BEFORE "THE SELECT COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS, ON THE STATE OF IRELAND, IN RESPECT TO CRIME" AS RELATING TO THE RIBBON SOCIETY : WITH AN APPENDIX CONTAINING VERBATIM EXTRACTS FROM THE EVIDENCE."
    on some trials. He appears to have died 11 Jan 1873. No Family that I can find. He was mentioned as my GGgrandmathers wedding notice as The uncle of Emily Kate Lousia McKelwee and barrister at law, Dublin in 09 May 1879 The Belfast Newsletter.
  2. Catherine Theresa m Edward McDermott 30 Sep 1849, witnessed by Robt McMahon and Sarah Burtle. No further info.
    1. Jane Martyn m Dr Robert McKelwee. The family story is as told by one of Jane's descendants.

      Great Grandmother McKelwee(Martyn) was disowned by her family for climbing down the ivy outside the window at the house of her parents "Lowe Park Court", to run away with the handsome young doctor who came to diagnose a house full of sick children stricken with measles!  She never again spoke to her parents even tho' they drove past her house frequently when they came to town.  Can't you just visualise the superior noses in the air as they drove in their carriage past their daughter's house?? When Great, great Grandmother Martin was dying, Great Grandmother McKelwee buried her pride to visit "Lowe Park Court" to say farewell to her mother, the butler was instructed to say that "Miss Jane was no longer welcome in the house".  Grandmother Wilson said her mother wept bitterly for days.Grandma had a wonderful way of telling a story (haven't all the Irish?) and she spoke quite often of Great Uncle Richard (Martin).                                                                                Jane and Robert were trialled for bigamy 24 Feb 1845. Found not guilty. No further info about Robert.                                                                  


  1. Sarah Agnes appears to have gone to a religious order Richmond Presetation Convent in Galway 1847. No further trace.

  2. Belinda died of brain fever 29 Aug 1841 at her brother, Matthew Joseph's place in Dublin.



McKelwee Family.

Dr Robert McKelwee and Jane Martyn (see above) had at least 5 Children:

  1. Mary Josephine Madeline (b 1851 Dublin) info off Qld death Certificate.
  2. William b 1853.
  3. Emily Kate Louisa b 1854 Castlereagh, Roscommon, Galway. Qld Death Certificate. My GGGrandmother.
  4. Richard Martyn b 1858.
  5. Edward Spencer  b September 1862 Castlereagh, Ireland. Qld Death Certificate.
  • There may have been further children Robert McKelwee, William McKelwee and Frederick McKelwee.


  1. Mary J M McKelwee m 1873 Joseph Tucker at Rockhampton Qld Australia.
  2. William-Unknown.
  3. Emily Kate McKelwee m 1874 Wesley George Wilson(b Crossan Tyrone (b11Mar1850). Died Toowoomba 1947.
  4. Richard Martyn McKelwee- d 12Dec1868.
  5. Edward McKelwee d 4Sept1901. Soldier. Posibly served in Boer War with the Australian Army.


I am seeking to delve a bit further into the past, but also find any realtive families that may have stayed behind in Ireland.

Alan MacDonald.


Alan MacD

Monday 18th Jan 2021, 01:42AM

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  • Hi,

    Humanity Dick Martin descended from a branch of the Martin's of Galway who purchased land in Killannin parish, Co. Galway c1592 and became known as the "Martin's of Ross".

    The story of Richard Martin, Animal Rights Pioneer, 1754 - 1834 titled "Humanity Dick" the Eccentric Member for Galway by Peter Phillips 2003 may be of assistance.

    The Tulira Branch are known as "Martyn". They retained their estate due to the assistance given to British Officers following the Battle of Aughrim nearby. There is an article in the "Old Dublin Society" dated December 11th 1991 on the burial of a Doctor Edward Martyn who as born in Tulira on January 1st 1859 and buried in Glasnevin cemetery, Dublin.

    It is titled Edward Martyn the Wealthy Poor.



    Monday 18th Jan 2021, 04:35PM
  • Thanks.

    Alan MacD

    Tuesday 19th Jan 2021, 12:30AM

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