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My information suggests that Mary Flynn married Thomas Sammon on 31 May 1899 at Feakle RC Church.  Thomas was born on 27 February 1859 at Knockbeha, Flagmount, Caher, Co Clare.  From the 1911 Census it appears that Mary would have been born in about 1862/63. At the date of this census Mary and Thomas  were living in Baurroe and Part of Feakle Town.  Thomas is recorded as being a shopkeeper.  One local Feakle resident recalled recently that he thought he had a shoe shop.  (Note: this Thomas is not to be confused with a Tom Sammon of a later generation who ran a newsagents and general stores in Feakle). Mary was a National Teacher (NT) but it is not known if she worked in the local Feakle National School or some other school.  The only other information I have is that the couple had no children at the time of the 1911 Census. The date of Mary's passing is not known but she survived her husband who passed away on 4 January 1921. Mary erected a memorial to her husband in the Old Moynoe Cemetery where many members of the Sammon family were interred.  Does anyone have any further information about Mary?  Or can anyone suggest some further lines of enquiry that may help to find out more about either Mary or Thomas?

Peter MacMahon


Peter MacMahon

Saturday 24th Aug 2019, 02:43PM

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  • Many thanks Miriam for such comprehensive information.  Very helpful.  I have not found a record of Thomas Sammon's birth but other researchers within the Sammon clan have come up with 27 February 1859.  When I have an opportunity I shall do some more digging as to the origin of this date though I am content that the year is right.  I do know that Thomas was a son of Joseph Sammon (c.1815-1887) and Anne Vaughan (c.1829-1901). Joseph was born in the townland of Middleline North (in the hills half way between Scariff and Mountshannon). He "married into" his father in law's (David Vaughan) farm in Knockbeha, Caher, Clare.   That farm is still owned by Sammon descendants to this day.  James's older brother Michael (1851-1936) inherited the farm and married Bridget O'Keeffe of Stonepark, Ayle, Feakle.  (Bridget was my grandmother's sister.)  This would have been an incentive for him to look elsewhere to make his livelihood.  The Census data confirms that Thomas was a shopkeeper.  At the time Feakle would have still been quite a bustlng town with many small shops.  I do not know for sure but an older resident I have met in Feakle Town thinks it was a shoe shop.  

    I don't know if there are any roll records or other archive material held by the Feakle National School that might help me to establish if Mary was on the staff there.  If they do exist, I would be more than happy to sift through to see if I can find out more about her on me next visit to the area.  But I am not sure who to contact about this. 

    My enquiry about Thomas and Mary forms part of a wider wish on my part to learn more about all the Sammons who lived in Feakle (I don't think there were many).  I am aware that Thomas's nephew Joseph Sammon (1901-1967) came to Feakle and records describe him as a Farmer/Shopkeeper.  Might he have taken over the shop from his uncle?  Joseph was born to Richard Sammon  and Margaret O'Brien.  Richard (Thomas's brother) had a tailor's shop in Scariff.  Joseph married Mary Kate Tully on 22 June 1921 in Feakle Catholic Church.  Both are buried in Feakle Cemetery. They had one son of which I am aware - Vincent J Sammon born on 7 September 1928 but he emigrated to New York where he passed away in 2005.

    Then again local people speak of a Tom Sammon who ran a newsagents/general stores in Feakle's main street during the 1950s and later.  I'm not at all sure how Tom was related (assuming he was) to either Thomas or Joseph But apparently he had a sister Eva or Evelyn or some such first name who married into a local McGrath family (the Quarry McGraths). If I knew who Tom and Eva's parents were this could enable me to identify the connection with the earlier Sammon generations in Feakle. Sorry about the length of this but any more help very welcome.    Peter 







    Peter MacMahon

    Wednesday 28th Aug 2019, 12:12PM
  • For anyone who may be interested, I've been able to answer some of the questions in my last message:

    (1) I now have a copy of Tom Sammon's birth record and his parents were Joseph and Mary Kate Sammon.  Tom was born on 11 April 1922 and at some point took over the shop in Feakle Town from his father.  Tom did not marry and passed away on 19 December 1976. He is buried in Feakle Cemetery. After his death, if not earlier, the shop was sold.  

    (2) Tom's siblings were: 

    (a) Mary Sammon born 1923. She travelled to New York in 1954 with her sister Kathleen, initially to stay with their brother Vincent.  However she may not have stayed in the USA since there is a memorial to her in Feakle Cemetery - she passed away on 5 October 2015.

    (b) John Sammon was born on 19 May 1925 in Feakle. I have no more details about John. 

    (c) Kathleen Sammon born on 29 August 1926 in Feakle. As already noted, she travelled to New York with her sister Mary in 1954.  She seems to have remained in New York for the rest of her life. It does not appear that she married.  She passed away on 12 November 2010 while living in Brooklyn.  She is buried in St. John Cemetery, Middle Village, New York and she is commorated on the family headstone in Feakle Cemetery.  

    (d) Evelyn Sammon was born in 1927 in Feakle and married into a local McGrath family. 

    (e) Vincent J Sammon born at Feakle on 7 September  1928. He travelled to New York  on the "Britannic" arriving thee in November 1954.Five years later he married Maria Carey (born in 1932) in Manhattan.  Known as Vinny, he passed away on 7 February 2005 while resident at Middle Village, New York.  He is buried in the Calvary Cemetery, Queen's, New York.  Vinny and Maria had two children - John J Sammon born in 1960 in New York who married Maureen T Daly; and Ann P Sammon  born in 1964 in New York who married a Paul F Hogan (they have two children).  

    In conclusion we now have a reasonably comprehensive view of the Sammon families in Feakle.  The history of the shop is also clear - started by Thomas Sammon it passed to his nephew Joseph Sammon and it finally passed to Joseph's son Tom before being sold.  There is always more information that can be found and any additional contributions are most welcome. Meanwhile I remain hugely grateful to Miriam for her reply to my original query which was so important in putting me on the right path.   





    Peter MacMahon

    Saturday 28th Sep 2019, 06:00PM

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