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I'm trying to trace my gggrandmother Mary Stack. The only concrete information I have about her is that she married George Garfoot in Fermoy in December 1863. I know from her wedding certificate that her father was called James Stack. There seem to be many Mary Stacks born to James Stacks!  In the English census records 1881 and 1891 her DOB is shown as 1841, but in 1901 it's changed to 1845 and on her death certificate 1846 (which would have made her only 17 when she married. Her husband - he was a widower - was born in 1826 - that seems a big age gap). I'd be grateful for any pearls of wisdom :-)

Thursday's Child.




Thursday's Child

Tuesday 21st Jul 2020, 07:04PM

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    Welcome to IrelandXO Thursday's Child,


    Did a bit of searching and found out the following:-

    Mary Stack born in 1838 in Glanworth Fermoy.  Married George Garfoot on 22nd December 1863 and died 12th Feb 1908 in Nottingham England.

    George Garfoot was married to Elizabeth Torr - they had 1 daughter Lydia who was born and died in 1851.  Elizabeth died in 1852.

    George and Mary had the following in family
    William Garfoot             1874 - 1949
    Frederick C Garfoot      1870 - 1873
    Patrick Henry Garfoot   1869 - 1905
    Henry W Garfoot           1868 - 1905
    George J Garfoot          1866 - 1933
    Mary Jane garfoot         1864 - 1873
    Lydia Eliza Garfoot        1876 - 1917
    Frederick C Garfoot      1878 - 1916

    I am trying to get a contact for you, will be in touch if I can get it for you.

    Kind regards and good luck with your research


    Clonpriest, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Tuesday 21st Jul 2020, 08:49PM
  • Many thanks. I think you might have taken this info from my Ancestry site. Lydia Garfoot was my gggrandmother. Informaation after \mary's marriage iswell logged, but I haven't been able to check her birth family. The 1838 DOB is very tentative. It's just one of the John Stack's with a daughter named Mary on record. 1838 is way before any of the dates suggested for her birth in the 1881,1891 or 1901 census reports or on her death certificate. I found at least 3 alternative parents giving her DOB 1840 or 1846. The problem is there isn't enough evidence to opt for any of them with any confidence.

    I really do appreciate your reponse howeverr. Many thanks :-)





    Thursday's Child

    Thursday 23rd Jul 2020, 02:59PM
  • Apologies for the typos!

    Thursday's Child

    Thursday 23rd Jul 2020, 03:02PM
  • Hi

    Yes, I thought I had lots of great information for you.  Our ancestors love playing hide and seek.  take care and good luck with your research.   

    Clonpriest, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Friday 24th Jul 2020, 08:33PM
  • I've come up with another possible way of identifying Mary Stack:

    A JAMES Stack and his wife JOHANNA Connell gave birth to a daughter Mary in 1838 in Balindangan, Ballindangan, Glanworth Diocese Cloyne. Just under 15 miles from Mallow, Cork.

    As Glanworth and Fermoy are fairly close by it might be that Mary was working at the military barracks where George Garfoot was stationed and that was how they met?

    There's a JAMES Stack baptised on 25 Nov 1816 at St Finbarr's (South), Cork city equal distance from Fermoy and from Mallow - just under 22 miles. His father was JOHN Stack and his mother MARY Murphy.

    There's a JAMES Stack died 21 Dec 1870 in Mallow*

    This is all supposition of course as their are many James Stacks!

    Four of Mary Stack (now Garfoot)'s children were born in Ireland:

    Mary Jane 22 Oct 1864 Mallow*, Buttevant, Cork

    George James 18 Dec 1866 in Freedland, Mullingar, Westmeath

    Patrick Henry 1869 also in Mullinger

    Frederick Charles 5 Aug 1870 Glendermot, Londonderry

    Did the census reports for Westmeath and Londonderry meet the same fate as those for Cork? If not, is there a way of me accessing them? They are not on Ancestry. Some of the above innfo came from findmypast (which I no longer subcribe too), but isn't available on Ancestry.

    Once again I'd be most grateful for any insights. :-)




    Thursday's Child

    Friday 31st Jul 2020, 06:48PM
  • I've had another little snippet about Mary Stack and her father James Stack. I have 2 Ancestry DNA matches for the James Stack born 1810. (Of course, we all 3 might have the wrong date!), but what is more relevant, one of the matches show's James Stack born 1835 as the son of James Stack and he too is a DNA match. Whilst this gives me the new information that Mary has a brother called James Stack, there's still the question of whether this James Stack (the son) was actually born in 1835. His place of birth is given as Dublin, so I'm somewhat sceptical. However, the person recording the information is directly descended from the two James.

    So I now have a brother for Mary, which I think is pretty conclusive, but the doubt over the date of the birth of the two James is less definitive.

    Once again, I'd be very grateful if anyone is able to investigate the second James for me.

    Many thanks :-)

    Thursday's Child

    Friday 7th Aug 2020, 03:17PM
  • Further to my previous posts, I know that Mary's husband, george Garfoot, was in the Miltiary stationed at the East Barracks in Fermoy. Perhaps Mary Stack worked there and that was how they met? I have general details about the barracks: 

    The East Barracks were designed and built by Abraham Hargrave on a site provided by John Anderson between 1801 and 1806.[1] In June 1808 Sir Arthur Wellesley used the barracks as an assembly point from where 9,000 troops would depart for the Cove of Cork and then sail for Portugal to take part in the Peninsular War.

    The West Barracks and military hospital were added to the complex in 1809. (George was a part of the medical corp).

    I wondered if there are any local records about the British army stationed there in the 1860s?

    Thursday's Child

    Wednesday 11th Nov 2020, 12:00PM




    Take a look at   findmypast - they have a free few days on military records.

    Clonpriest, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 12th Nov 2020, 12:50PM
  • Thank you. I already have had access to those records and have copies of the papers relating to George Garfoot. The only information (though interesting details about his height, health, general conduct etc) that takes my search further is the confirmation of his year of birth (but there are no records of his birth - which is why I think he may have been illegitimate).

    Thursday's Child

    Friday 13th Nov 2020, 09:51AM

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