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I am an American visiting soon and seeking to find a common connection to my ancestors on both my grandparents' sides.  We believe my grandmother's family were from the Galway area.  

As such, I am searching for ancestors of a Margaret J. McArdle, daughter of Patrick McArdle who was thought to have been born in Galway in October 1864.  I have located a baptismal record for a Margaret McArdle baptized in November 1864 at St. Nicholas South and West, listing her father as "Pott" or "Patt".  I assume this is the Margaret I have been looking for.  The baptismal record lists her mother as Mary Deasy.   The baptismal record also lists a Margaret Josephine McArdle as the sponsor, possibly Patrick's sister.  

I had no additional information on Mary Deasy, but guessing that Mary must have been born around 1840, located a baptismal record for a Mary Deacey from Tuam baptized in 1840. 

Any additional information on the McArdles or Pratt families would be greatly appreciated.  

I have included photos or portraits who we believe are Patrick and Mary McArdle, possibly taken in the 1870s.  

I will be staying the night in Galway on June 23th.

Thank you, Jeff 


Friday 2nd Jun 2023, 02:49AM

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