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My GGG Granparents John McAtee and Mary Keenan were in Glasslough as their son James was baptised there on 24 Sept 1856. Tracing the family in Ireland if anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated. Other Son Owen my GG Grandadd was bapt/born in saintfield co Down, on 20/Sept 1857. Other Son John Jr was born/bapt in Armagh, Armagh 09/06/1859.


Joe McIntee Laughlin

Joe McIntee Laughlin

Tuesday 16th Feb 2021, 04:31PM

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  • Joe,


    Looks like there is another child from John and Mary's marriage:


    Edward Mcatee

    Baptised: 17 Dec 1863

    Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh

    Father: John Mcatee

    Mother: Mary Keenan

    Sponsor: Margaret Kavanagh



    What was John's occupation please as the family appears to be covering quite a lot of territory?


    Maggie McKenna, Carrickmacross

    Maggie McKenna

    Monday 22nd Feb 2021, 04:47AM
  • Dear Maggie

    Thanks so much for that info, unfortunately I have no employment for John or Mary until they turn up in Glasgow in 1861 John  is a "labourer". Yes they moved around a bit from 1st born James in Monaghan.  Unfortunately I cant trace their marriage, I  had hoped it would be easy to pin them down to marriage somewhere around Glasslough prior to 1856 but I havn't been able to.  It lookes like they moved from Glasslough after birth of James in 1856 to Down for birth of Owen in 1857 then Armagh for Sons John 1859 and Edward 1863.

    They look to have gone to Glasgow at some point after 1859 and before the 1861 Census then back to Armagh for birth of Edward 1863.

    John &  Mary turn up in the 1861 Glasgow Census living with Auunt Catherine Keenon with sons Owen & John Jr. no other sons. 

    Then they are on the 1871 335 Gallowgate Glasgow with Owen 13 John 11, a David 7 (who I can't find birth in Ireland) James 4 (born Lanarkshire.. assumed that James of 1856 died and their second James is named after him? is this usual) , and a Catherine 2. 

    Joe McIntee Laughlin

    Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021, 03:07PM
  • Hello Joe,


    I have checked for a marriage on Find My Past and Roots Ireland but have not been able to locate a marriage in Ireland for John and Mary.  The Census transcription on Find My Past (a subscription website) reads that John, Mary and family are living with Mary's "Mother" Catherine Keenan in Scotland in 1861 not her Aunt.


    1861 Scotland Census, Gallowgate, St Johns, High Church, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

    Catherine Keenan, Head, Widow, age 50, born about 1811, in Ireland, a House Keeper.

    Anne Mullin, Daughter, Widow, age 26, born about 1835, in Ireland, a Old Clothes Dealer.

    Mary McAtee, Daughter, Married, age 22, born about 1839, in Ireland, a House Keeper's Daughter.

    John McAtee, Son-In-Law, Married, age 30, born about 1831, in Ireland, a Labourer.

    Owen McAtee, Grand-Son, age 4, born about 1857, in Ireland.

    John McAtee Jr., Grand-Son, age 2, born about 1859 in Ireland.


    1871 Scotland Census, Gallowgate Back Land, 335, St John Glasgow, High Church, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

    John McIntee, Head, Married, age 42, a Labourer, born in Ireland.

    Mary McIntee, Wife, Married, age 39, born in Ireland.

    Owen McIntee, Son, age 13, a Tobacco Boy, born in Ireland.

    John McIntee, Son, age 11, a Tobacco Boy, born in Ireland.

    David McIntee, Son, age 7, born in Ireland.

    James McIntee, Son, age 4, born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

    Catherine McIntee, Daughter, age 2, born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.


    1881 Scotland Census, 16 Kirk Street, Barony, Calton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

    John McAttea, Head, Married, age 50, a Labourer, born in Ireland.

    Owen McAttea, Son, Unmarried, age 21, a Carter, born in Ireland.

    David McAttea, Son, Unmarried, age 18, a Carter, born in Ireland.

    James McAttea, Son, age 14, a Carters Boy, born Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

    Annie McAttea, Daughter, age 10, born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.


    David Mcateer

    Baptised: 2 Feb 1862

    Parish of Dromore, Co. Down

    Father: John Mcateer

    Mother: Mary Keenan

    Sponsor: Catherine Keenan


    Mary Mcateer

    Baptised: 25 Nov 1860

    Parish of Ballymore, Co. Armagh

    Father: John Mcateer

    Mother: Mary Keenan

    Sponsors: Tom Campbell and Mary O'Heir


    Catherine McAleer

    Baptised: 10 Sep 1848

    Donagh Parish, Co. Monaghan

    Father: John McAleer

    Mother: Mary Kenan

    Sponsors: John Magir and Mary Woods



    Scottish Births for John AcAtee and Mary Keenan:

    MCTEE JAMES, Year 1866, Ref: 644/4 769, District: Calton (Glasgow)

    MCATEE CATHERINE, Year 1868, Ref: 644/2 1946, District: High Church

    MCATEE ANN, Year 1871, Ref: 644/2 955, District: High Church

    MCATEE EDWARD, Year 1873, Ref: 644/4 621, District: Calton (Glasgow)

    MCATEE ELIZABETH, Year 1874, Ref: 644/4 1240, District: Calton (Glasgow)


    Scottish Deaths:

    MCATEE EDWARD, age 4, Mother's Maiden Name KEENAN, Year 1868, Ref: 644/2 1633, District: High Church

    MCATEE JOHN, age 51, Year 1888, Ref: 639/ 74, District: Dalziel



    It appears that the McAtee's remained in Scotland and an excellent source of information for Scottish Genealogy is ScotlandsPeople, the indexes are free to search, however if you wish to obtain images you will need to purchase them.….


    Should I find anything else I will attach at the end of this post.


    Maggie McKenna, Carrickmacross

    Maggie McKenna

    Wednesday 24th Feb 2021, 05:24AM
  • Joe, my Gr.Gr. Grandfather was Bernard McAtee, his wife Elizabeth Keenan they emigrated from Carrickmacross, county Monaghan abt. 1830 to Westmoreland County Pa. I estimate Bernard's birth abt. 1790.  Do you know of any connection?  Do you have any info on your Mary Keenan Family? Please reply.


    Sunday 30th May 2021, 08:18PM
  • Dear Maggie

    Thank you so much for all that very helpful information: I have since found out that Catherine Keenan was Catherine Ross, married to a Patrick Keenan. I got this form the marriage certificate of the Daughter Ann Mullin (Keenan) on the 1861 Glasgow Census. Anne married a Thomas Mullan in Glasgow on 16 Nov 1859. His parents were Miles and Ann Donnelly.

    As for my ancestors occupations - in Glasgow I found My John McAtee's (now named McIntee) death in Glasgow 27 Jan 1888 he is identified as a "Fish Hawker" - his parents are given as Owen McIntee (Carter, deceased) and Catherine McIntee (Ms Gardiner, deceased). If there is anything on Owen and Catherine Gardiner that would be most helpful but so far back now I expect that will be very difficult. With them moving around so much I also wondered why, maybe they were following work or maybe actual travellers..

    From the birth of Mary in Ballymore 1860 they then turn up in Glasgow on the 1861 Cesus but no Mary..Then back in Dromore in 1862 for birth of David, Armagh 1863 for birth of Edward then back in Glasgow 1866 for birth of James, and I expect they stayed then.. Maybe one day I will turn up in Ireland.. hopefully.

    Thanks agin so much for all your help with this..I'm now off to update my Ancestry family tree.




    Joe McIntee Laughlin

    Monday 7th Jun 2021, 12:31PM
  • Dear RG

    Lovely to hear from you, unfortunately not but I hopoe some opf the above helps. As I said above I'm on Ancestry Family tree so maybe you can have a look and see if there is anything that herlps you. I'm more than willing to share, and there does seem to be some possibility as the names are so close. I have done my DNA with Ancestry also.


    Regards and good hunting



    Joe McIntee Laughlin

    Monday 7th Jun 2021, 12:35PM

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