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McCarthys of Dunmanway

This post follows a recent reply I made to Kathleenofeire, who wrote a post titled "Family of Eugene/Owen and Catherine McCarthy of Dunmanway, Ireland". My reply is dated 14 March 2019 in the County Cork board.

I wish to make mention of several other McCarthys in my family tree who also lived in Dunmanway, and I believe to have been of the same McCarthy line I mentioned in my reply to Kathleenofeire. That reply focused on Owen McCarthy, and his siblings, who were the children of Charles McCarthy and Julia Crowley. 

I do not have birth or death information of Charles McCarthy, who married Julia Crowley. Nor do I have any information of Charles' parentage. However, I believe Charles, also known as Cornelius, had at least four siblings, and all emigrated to Ontario, Canada. Their names and birth and death info I have, are as follows:

David McCarthy (1799-1884), who married Catherine Regan (1808-1882). They married in St. Patrick's, Dunmanway, in Feb 1828, and had seven children born there before they emigrated to Ontario,Canada. 

Ellen McCarthy (1800-1872), who married John Coughlin, also of Dunmanway. They had two children born in Dunmanway, and nine more children born in Ontario, Canada where they emigrated around 1835. Of note is a record of Ellen's death in 1874, which record is found in the parish annals of Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church, in St. Thomas, ON, Canada:   "Died -on the night of the 28th September, Ellen, wife of John Coughlin, aged 76 years, she was born in Dunmanway, Co. Cork, Ireland, she died a happy death in the midst of her sorrowing family and was interred in the new cemetery on the 30th."

Dennis McCarthy (1806-1863), who married Sarah Daly sometime in Canada before 1845. They had seven children born in Ontario between 1845 and 1857.

Julia McCarthy (1810-  ), who married Timothy Coughlin, the brother of John,mentioned above,  who married Ellen McCarthy, her sister. Julia and Timothy had only two children, both born in Ontario, Canada between 1834 and 1836.

The Coughlin brothers named above had two other brothers, Daniel and Cornelius Coughlin. Both Daniel and Con married Regan women, Mary and Margaret, likely cousins. All of the families of the individuals noted here were all hard working, very industrious, well known and liked, and generally prosperous. However, one individual in particular stands out in the history of the Irish Catholics from Dunmanway who settled in Ontario, Canada: Timothy Coughlin (1834-1912). Timothy, the son of Daniel Coughlin and Mary Regan. Timothy was a well-known farmer and stockman and drover, and raised sheep and cattle for the oversears market. Several other members of his family and relations, the Regans particularly, were also noted stockmen and drovers. Timothy Coughlin, however, rose in rank above them all when he became a member of the Canadian House of Commons, serving for 13 years. Prior to his service in Parliament, Timothy served  more than 15 years as treasurer of the township in which he lived (Stephen Township of Huron County, Ontario), followed by a term as the township reeve (magistrate). His son, John Joseph Coughlin, became a lawyer and a well-known judge of Middlesex County...

The families of Dunmanway parish who emigrated to Ontario, Canada all greatly improved their lives and fortunes after their emigration from famine-plagued Ireland. While their jouneys from Ireland were difficult, perilous, and filled with loss (of lives, their native Ireland, and family members left behind), with few exception the families prospered and lived comfortably, even within the first decade of their settlement in Ontario.

Michael Collins

Friday 15th March 2019, 12:35AM