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On a slim lead, I have seen an old ad posted by a Patrick McCook of Milton, Norfolk MA in about 1856 looking for his brother Peter McCook, last in Virginia (US). He says he is from Kilbeacanty, near Gort. It is entirely possible that the Peter McCook there is my Peter McCook b c 1823 m Catherine Lougherty b c 1830 (based on the fact that I have an ancestry DNA autosomal match with the Patrick McCook line).Peter McCook had a brother named Brian McCook who married a Johanna Garity (Gerarty) b c 1850, in Iowa (US). Another common name carried down through these 2 families is Bernard. I assume it's possible that the name might also be Cooke, or even McHugo, etc. 

Is it possible to trace back family records through the parish that far back. Or is there anyone that lives in Galway in the Gort area that has any clue about these names? I am certain that the Patrick McCook in Milton MS is from Gort (married Mary Barry, children Bridget, Katherine, John, Michael) but not as confident that Patrick is a brother to my Peter and Brian. Also on the 1850 Milton Norfolk MA census, a James Bruggy 35 is in hte houshold, leading me to believe he is somehow kin. There was, for example, a Patrick Cooke b 1803 in Gort that married a Mary Bruggy b 1821. 

Incidentally, my brother McCook has done a YDNA test (male to male to male) which makes it a straight shot to determine ancestry or at least known matches based on a paternal line. . He matches another McCook that was in Jamaica and I wonder if that could have been kin to Henry McCook/McHugo of Rosepark

Any help to know where to look or write or if there are any living Cookes or McCooks or McHugos  in that area that might be of this line, would appreciate comment. 


Saturday 21st Sep 2019, 06:39PM

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  • Hello there D McCook,

    I am a Kilbeacanty volunteer, just to let you know the baptismal records for Kilbeacanty only begin in 1854. I came across a James McCooke in the applotment book from gardenswell .This area is near Kilbeacanty .I couldn't find anything else on the  .

    There a McHugh there in the Kilbeacanty baptism and lots of Loughreys pronounced (Luke rees). I will try and do some more searching for you over the weekend.



    Kilbeacanty Galway

    Friday 27th Sep 2019, 01:35AM
  • Thank you, Anne. I appreciate your looking. We were in Ireland recently and saw the graveyard across from the church. A lot of the gravestones were worn and hard to read. Do you know if there is any way that the church might have gravestone records? 


    Saturday 12th Oct 2019, 12:53PM
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    Hi D McCook,

    I came across this 1855 baptism reference parish of Peterswell.

    The names McHugo Fallon and McCook are mentioned.



    Kilbeacanty Galway

    Saturday 11th Jan 2020, 03:34AM
  • Hi I'm a descendent of Pat Cooke and Mary Bruggy  There are still Cookes living in Gort Regards John O'Connor





    Friday 8th Oct 2021, 12:29AM

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