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I am trying to find where my great-great grandparents might be buried and if anyone else is buried with them. 

Margaret Cross and James McGrath married in 9 Feb 1839 in Solohead, Tipperary. They had 8 children. My great-grandfather Maurice McGrath ended up in Cork and became an Engine Driver. I have over the years found some information on his siblings and found a few relatives but some of his siblings are a mystery because of common names. But I figure if I can find a grave for my great-great grandparents it might be a start.

James McGrath died 13 Aug 1882 in Kyle or Kylegarry Tipperary

Margaret Cross McGrath died 13 Sept 1889.Kyle or Kylegarry Tipperary

One of my great grandfathers siblings Margaret McGrath married John O'Dwyer Feb 1882. I have found some of this info. Another sister Elizabeth may have married and Edward Gleason and was in the US but not verified that this is true. Another sister Mary may have married and Edward Tuomey/Twomey. 

I do share DNA with connections to my John O'Dwyer and Margaret McGrath descendents. I also show a DNA connection to the Gleason and Elizabeth McGrath descendents. There were other sibilngs as well .John, Johanna, Michael and James. Not really sure if they married.

I know I gave more info than needed but hoping someone recognizes names.





Saturday 28th Jan 2023, 12:51AM

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