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I'm trying to untangle the different McKinley lines with roots in Dunfanaghy and have an extensive database of McKinley names collected over the last 20 years from a variety of sources. My sister and I have taken DNA tests with Ancestry and my brother with Family Tree DNA. One of my first cousins has also had her mtdna done with Family Tree DNA to pick up our direct female Irish line. I have used DNA Painter to map which chomrosomes my Irish genes are on and am interested in working collaboratively with other McKinley researchers to sort out how we may be connected. 


Saturday 4th Sep 2021, 12:26PM

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  • Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for contacting Ireland XO regarding your DNA query.

    There is a North of Ireland DNA Project that you may find useful details if you have not already.  The link is here:



    I would suggest checking them out for further information.


    Hope that helps,




    Thursday 16th Sep 2021, 11:00AM

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