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My great-grandfather was James Davey, born 9 Aug. 1865 in Drumiskibole, St. John's, Sligo. (I have both church and civil records.) He emigrated to the US and married my great-grandmother (Margaret Foley Coughlin, herself an emigrant from Co. Clare) in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. His parents, Michael Davey and Bridget Walsh, however, seem to have been both from Taunagh, marrying there in 1858, which I understand is a separate parish. I have the church marriage record, and I have located baptism records for each, although it's hard to know they are the correct ones with the names being fairly common in that parish. 

I know the tradition was to get married in the bride's parish, which also happened to be the groom's, too, but I don't know why they ended up in Drumiskibbole for nearly all their children's births/baptisms. The couple had several children, and the first one was born in Rusheen, in Riverstown/Taunagh. Their children were as follows: Mary, 1859, Rusheen; Patrick, 1860, Drumiskibbole; Michael, 1861, Drumiskibbole; Rosanna, 1863, Drumiskibbole; James, 1865, Drumiskibbole; John, 1867, Drumiskibbole; Mary, 1869, Drumiskibbole; Francis, 1871, Drumiskibbole; Beesy (Bridget), 1873 Drumiskibbole (apparently still-born as denoted by a cross + in the civil record and no baptism record located); and Rodger, 1875 - found baptism record for 11 Sept. in St. John's that states residence as Riverstown Parish, and found civil birth record for 14 Dec. that states residence as Drumiskibbole. 

I'd love to know if there are any Daveys connected to this line today in the area and to gain some understanding of the movements in this family. If anyone wants them, I can attach the records referred to above.


Jeanne Foley Dwyer


Sunday 26th Apr 2020, 05:09PM

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  • Hello - I 've looked a bit re Taunagh - checking on line at - it is in the next Barony over from mine - which is Corran - I know the area a wee bit from driving through, I know and am relate d to another branch of Davey group over near Gurteen area. Found Drumiskibbole TL at…. Now I could not say if any of your people are still in the area - but I would look up some of the local URLs of towns in the area and place notes on those sites. One never knows. Of course if you get to the area - which is problematic at the moment - is to go and find perhaps one person who still remains - or the fmaily - and work from there. I did that over in Ballymote and the country side around it and 20 some years later I know quite a few. I do not know if that helps. If I think of more I'll write here. By the by - I am from Jersey City and have Coughlins/Coughlans connected to my Coddington/Rigney line. Your great's name doesn't ring a bell. But hello from a JC native! [Now in PA as well as Co Sligo] Best of luck and take care. Steve Lemken

    Drumrat Sligo

    Saturday 18th Jul 2020, 02:30AM
  • Hello, Steve,

    It's good to hear from a JC native! I was there once when I flew in to visit my dad's sister. We drove up to see the old neighborhood. It has changed drastically, of course, but the house was still there. Great memories for her and now for me, as she passed within the year.

    I was also in Sligo once many years ago, and I placed an item in the Sligo Champion seeking any information about living Daveys related to this line. I got one or two nibbles, but nothing ever panned out. Your suggestion about local place sites is a good one. I have searched and cannot locate any local town/village websites, but I have a message out to a friend who grew up in Streamstown to see if he can help me out. That place is just west of Ballysadare, so "sort of" in the area.

    I also just did a general search of Drumiskabole and came upon some recent Davey obituaries in which the deceased lived in Drumiskabole. This led me to finding an image of a gravestone in Kilmacowen Cemetery of those Daveys. Is that the cemetery where mine may have been buried? It sounds as if you are now resident in Sligo? Lucky YOU!!! I have a trip planned for September, but I have no hope the US will be suddenly eligible for entry by then. I have a DNA cousin (very distant with no hope of figuring out our relationship) who lives in NY and Sligo both, near Ballintogher. Is that your arrangement, or have you moved there permanently?

    Thanks for replying,



    Saturday 18th Jul 2020, 09:27PM

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