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I am in search of the burial place for my great Grandfather Michael Duffy who passed away in 1908.  I have already find my great Grandmother Margaret Reilly Duffy who passed away in 1904.  I would assume Michael would be placed there as well but I can find no evidence of that.  Does anyone know how I would find out?  Thoughts?



Helen Duffy Nelson


Tuesday 21st Mar 2023, 02:41PM

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  • I left out where Margaret Duffy Reilly is buried.  She is in the Old Ballinrobe Cemetery.



    Helen Duffy


    Tuesday 21st Mar 2023, 02:53PM
  • Helen,

    Who runs the cemetery? Cemeteries have burial registers. If Michael is in Old Ballinrobe, he would be listed in the register.

    I hope this helps.


    Tuesday 21st Mar 2023, 03:32PM
  • Hello Helen,

    The website notes that any genealogical questions should be forwarded to:
    Ger Delaney, M.A., of the South Mayo Family Research Center at:

    Perhaps he can help you with locating the Ballinrobe Catholic Cemetery burial records.

    Or, you can write to the Parish Priest of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Ballinrobe. His name is Father Michael Gormally. He, or one of the people who works at the St. Mary's Church office should be able to tell you if the church holds cemetery records from the early 1900s. The email address, according to Facebook is:

    Also see the facebook page for St. Mary's at:

    Best of Luck with your research.

    Dave Boylan


    Tuesday 21st Mar 2023, 06:30PM

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