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In the Melbourne General Cemetery there is a quite handsome gravestone of Michael Gleeson, Died 6 May 1881 aged 36 years. The headstone also records the resting place of his wife Catherine Gleeson, died 6 May 1911 aged 68 years. Michael Gleeson's death record on line indicates his mother was Mary D'Arcey and his Father Michael Gleeson. One record shows Catherine as Catherine Courtney Gleeson, but her death certificate details witnessed by her eldest son John show that her father was a farmer Courtney first name unknown and her mothers name unknown. Michael's inscription clearly indicates "native of Ballycorney. Co Clare, Ireland'. Catherine's merely states "of Co Clare."

Michael and Catherine were married in Melbourne in 1868. Her death Certificate states she was 51 years in Victoria which had her arriving at 17 years of age and in 1860-ish, and she marreid as age 24. Michael's death certificate was witnessed by His brother Cornelious (looks like this) and he sated he was married at 18. Big difference there. and he was in Australia 18 years when he died. 

I have some connection with Gleeson's from this area and I am wondering what line he might have come from. There was a Darby Gleeson at the Glen or Lachareagh and one of the offspring did go to Ballycorney I think.

If there is anyone who can cast some ligth on this it would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much,

Laurence J Gleeson




Friday 3rd Sep 2021, 07:50AM

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    Friday 3rd Sep 2021, 12:15PM
  • Hi Laurence, I might be able to help with the Australian connection.  My Nanna Nellie Eileen Jack was the youngest of 5 children born to John Francis Jack and Annie Gleeson. I have only just started searching the family history, and was not sure if Annie was born here or in Ireland. I know they spent about 20 years in West Australia where it appears their children were born, however I have been unable to confirm this yet as I am having trouble locating birth details for them.  I hope this helps fill in some gaps, I know i have many, if there is anything else you need to know I will help if I can.


    Debra Frew.


    Monday 2nd May 2022, 01:20PM

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